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This week is National Volunteer Week in both the United States and Canada. Hundreds of thousands of volunteers and thousands of volunteer projects are deployed for mass impact. Take a look at what’s planned for the United States by Points of Light and in Canada by Volunteer Canada. And for IBM Volunteers, check out the opportunities that are available in your communities.

A SkillsBuild: STEM camp in Iowa in July 2017

And what better time than National Volunteer Week to recognize the best of our IBM Volunteers? Today, IBM announced its 2017 Volunteer Excellence Award winners. This annual award from IBM’s president, chairman and CEO Ginni Rometty recognizes individual IBMers and teams of IBM employees who best exemplify our values of dedication, innovation and trust through their volunteer efforts with local or not-for-profit organizations.

The Volunteer Excellence Awards have been celebrated since 2005. This year’s awards recognize IBM volunteers across 12 countries who made an impact in their communities in areas ranging from social services to STEM. Through their passion to improve the lives of others or their expertise in leveraging IBM strategic technology skills, this extraordinary group of individuals and teams represent the best of IBM.

  • In China, four IBM volunteers developed learning materials designed for one-on-one coaching sessions with seniors on how to stay safe using the internet. They rallied over 80 other IBM volunteers to join them in delivering the education in partnership with the Beijing Xi Cheng Community Civilization Advancement Association.
  • In Israel, IBM volunteer Michal Chorev co-founded Project Mehamemet, a nationwide initiative to motivate ninth grade female students to study computer science. Since then, this SkillsBuild project has reached more than 2,000 girls in over 70 schools throughout the country and is supported with over 200 volunteers.
  • In the United States, IBM volunteer leaders in Iowa have been committed to deploying SkillsBuild: STEM-enriched camps through the EX.I.T.E. and IGNITE models, impacting hundreds of students and teachers at Thomas Jefferson and George Washington Middle Schools in Dubuque.

These are just 3 examples of how IBM Volunteers are creating amazing impact through their service. The IBM Volunteers program operates on a global scale. Over the last 15 years, nearly 300,000 IBM employees and alumni have contributed more than 20 million hours of skilled service in every corner of the world.

Whether your national volunteer week is now, next month or not yet on the calendar, celebrating service to others and society keeps the momentum going. I hope the stories of our 2017 Volunteer Excellence Award winners inspire you as much as they inspire me. Please join me in congratulating them, and help us spread the great work of these and all of our IBM Volunteers. Join the conversation @IBMVolunteers to share your personal volunteer impact story.

Diane Melley is Vice President, IBM Global Citizenship Initiatives and Board Member, Points of Light.

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