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Leveraging Project Management Skills in Japan After the World’s Costliest Natural Disaster

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In recognition of the pro bono project management contributions that increased the capacities of NGOs to help Japan recover from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, the Project Management Institute Educational Foundation (PMIEF) honored IBM and Entrepreneurial Training for Innovative Communities (ETIC) with its 2017 Community Advancement Through Project Management Award. Below – in English and Japanese – the CEO of ETIC details how IBM’s Impact Grant for project management helped his organization help others through one of the worst natural disasters on record.

On March 11, 2011, the 9.1-magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami that devastated northeastern Japan took more than 20,000 lives and caused more than ¥25 trillion (USD$235 billion) in damages. It was the strongest earthquake ever to hit Japan, and the costliest natural disaster in world history.

The need for recovery and rebuilding was monumental, but resources were limited. That’s why Entrepreneurial Training for Innovative Communities (ETIC) launched its Disaster Recovery Leadership Project to match entrepreneurs and NGOs on projects to revitalize the affected areas. But to help make things work, we needed guidance from an entity with global expertise in project management. We chose IBM.

Our vision was to develop fundamental project management capabilities to support the entrepreneurs and NGOs as they served their communities, particularly as critical resources and attention were inevitably redirected over time. But many of the entrepreneurs and NGOs we partnered with had limited business experience and difficulty developing their plans and managing project lifecycles. Through their Impacts Grants program, IBM provided six pro bono project management workshops to us, 29 of our NGO partners and 86 NGO staff members and entrepreneurs. As a result, we were better prepared to support community building more efficiently.

The Project Management Institute Educational Foundation was pleased to provide IBM with its 2017 Community Advancement Award in recognition of the project management education they provided to ETIC and their partners. The training empowered ETIC to help rebuild lives and communities after the devastating Tsunami which hit the Tohoku region of Japan. Giving back to the community in this way deserves recognition and demonstrates the power of project management when provided through pro bono employee engagement. – Jeannette L. Barr, MS, Executive Director, Project Management Institute Educational Foundation

Our partnership with IBM is ongoing. We are receiving enormous support with project management training, and the implementation of project management to handle the business issues we face. In addition to enhancing our ability to mobilize local entrepreneurs, our partnership with IBM is fostering innovative projects to better support community building at the national level.

Haruo Miyagi is the CEO of Entrepreneurial Training for Innovative Communities (ETIC) in Tokyo.

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これらのワークショップでの実績が認められ、当団体並びにIBM Corporationは、米国PMI (プロジェクトマネジメント協会)の財団である、PMI教育財団 (PMIEF)より、 2017年「Community Advancement Through Project Management(プロジェクトマネジメント活用によるコミュニティ活性化賞)」を共同受賞しました。この賞は、プロジェクトマネジメントを通じた、非営利団体/非政府組織の能力向上のためのさせるプロボノとしての取り組みを表彰するものです。



–PMI教育財団 事務局長 ジャネット L. バー




代表理事 宮城 治男




Project Management Institute Educational Foundation Awards

CEO of Entrepreneurial Training for Innovative Communities (ETIC) in Tokyo.

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