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Why We Serve

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A tradition of service – to our clients, our communities and the world – lies at the core of our purpose as a company and our values as IBMers.

It’s also fun. 

Today’s launch of IBM Volunteers marks an important expansion of IBM’s legacy of service. Whether you’re a recent arrival or a longstanding member of the IBM community, you’ll find the resources you need here.

  • If you’re like me, you’re already an active volunteer. If so, register at IBM Volunteers and record your hours of service.
  • If you don’t yet volunteer but would like to serve and need suggestions or resources to help you contribute your skills, IBM Volunteers provides simple and clear activity kits to help.
  • If you are inspired by the opportunity to prepare the next generation of developers, coders, and STEM leaders, join our SkillsBuild Challenge to reach one million young people in 2018.
  • If you work with an organization that could use a cash grant to help serve its beneficiaries more effectively, you can earn an IBM Community Grant by tracking your hours through IBM Volunteers. Grants become available starting March 1st, with $5 million in grants to be awarded this year.
  • If you’re ready to serve on the board of a nonprofit organization, we have guidelines and resources to help you make that happen.
  • If you need to connect with other IBMers to build a service team with the skills to help your beneficiary, you will find them through IBM Volunteers.
  • And for all of your recorded volunteer efforts, you will earn digital badges, and be in the running for our annual Volunteer Service Awards recognition.

IBM CoderDojo event in Dublin, Ireland (Bryan Meade/Feature Photo Service for IBM)

I hope you will join me and dedicated IBMers like Master Inventor Mike Hollinger and Software Analyst Bianca Perez in service through IBM Volunteers, the new one-stop shop for IBM service. We have so many talented people at IBM, so many dedicated people, so many technical and service solutions, so much experience – any and all of which can help bring about meaningful, scalable and sustainable change in our communities. Whether you’re a developer, a marketer, an attorney, an engineer, in procurement, in HR… no matter where in IBM you work, the world needs you. It’s what makes IBM, IBM… and what shows the world who we are as IBMers.

Jennifer Ryan Crozier is President of the IBM Foundation and Vice President of IBM Citizenship.

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