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IBM Watson Helps Tackle Youth Unemployment in Belgium

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Youth unemployment is a major concern in many European countries. For young people leaving school and entering the labor market it is especially important that they can rely on support from their employment agency for a good quality offer of employment, continued education, an apprenticeship or a traineeship. Equally important is that the service is tailored to their requirements so as to minimize the duration of unemployment.

“[The IBM Analytics Assessment and Insights Impact Grant] offered us the opportunity to analyze an enormous amount of historic data on youth unemployment, both structured and unstructured information, and to help us learn from all this information to optimize our services.” – Paul Danneels, Chief Information Officer, VDAB

As part of an Impact Grant, IBM helped Belgian Employment Agency VDAB determine the factors that increase the chances for young job seekers to find employment, and how those factors differ among various young job seekers. IBM then helped VDAB build a powerful prototype model for predicting youth unemployment. This model is currently being tested and refined and has the potential to support VDAB career counselors in personally assisting each individual young job seeker.

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Katrien Hoogewijs is a Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs Manager with IBM in Belgium.

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