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How IBM’s Corporate Service Corps Is Helping TNC Save the Rainforest

With its warm, wet climate and vast expanse of 2.7 million square miles of land, the Amazon River basin has the potential to become one of the world’s most productive agricultural regions — essential for feeding a global population that’s fast approaching eight billion.

The Brazilian Amazon rainforest. Photo: Haroldo Palo Jr.

The Brazilian Amazon rainforest. Photo: Haroldo Palo Jr.

Yet, at the same time, the Amazon rainforest is an invaluable — and imperiled — natural resource. According to The Nature Conservancy, no other place is more critical to human survival. The basin, which is about the size of the United States and touches eight countries, harbors one-third of the planet’s biodiversity, produces one-fourth of the fresh water and plays a key role in warding off the worst effects of climate change.

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