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One Hundred Cities Was Just the Beginning!

Today marks the beginning of the next phase of IBM’s Smarter Cities Challenge competitive grants program, which deploys teams of our top talent to perform pro bono problem solving for cities and municipal regions worldwide. We’re building on the success of the program’s first three years, during which 600 IBM experts on six-person teams provided strategic and practical advice to 100 cities. In all, IBMers provided more than 100,000 hours of business and technical expertise through this game-changing program that began in the company’s 100th year.

Valued at USD $400,000 each, the three-week Smarter Cities Challenge engagements have helped cities address key challenges in the areas of economic development; water, energy and environment; health and social services; transportation; and public safety. During the course of forming partnerships with influencers and constituencies from government, citizen groups, businesses and nonprofits, we have gathered diverse perspectives on the causes and potential solutions to a variety of urban challenges. While each city is unique, our work has enabled us to identify common characteristics and themes that have improved the subsequent effectiveness of our teams.

We’re excited about this next phase of the Smarter Cities Challenge, through which we will engage more deeply with our municipal clients – committing to the long haul to manage challenges that extend beyond the limits of mayoral terms of office; intensifying our focus on helping newly-elected city leaders get off to good starts to making their cities smarter; and extending our reach to help municipalities navigate the complexities of financing progressive programs and engaging their citizens.

Read today’s press release to learn how past Smarter Cities Challenge grant recipients have implemented our recommendations to improve the lives of their citizens. Then get the details on how to apply for a grant and join the global community of Smarter Cities.

Jen Crozier is Vice President, IBM Global Citizenship Initiatives.

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