Public-Private Partnership

Skills-Based Volunteering to Grow and Sustain Technical Talent

In my professional life, I work at designing, developing and deploying complex solutions for the automotive and energy & utility industries, and lead IBM’s Environmental & Carbon Constraints research focusing on information technology and green computing. Through this highly technical research, I explore how people and companies can work in ways that are both more efficient and more environmentally sustainable. I also lead the IBM Academic Initiative for Columbia University, DeVry University and The Ohio State University – partnerships to help grow and sustain technical talent, especially in developing markets.

So, how have my professional skills and experiences allowed me to better address community needs? As someone who volunteers his skills, I have focused on advocating the benefits of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) training as young people look toward advancing their education and preparing for career options. In addition to serving as an Academic Initiative Ambassador to Ohio State, my current volunteering efforts include advising the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) and leading the Dublin, Ohio National Engineers Week campaign.

I am particularly gratified to serve as a DeVry University Career Advisory Board member. DeVry’s Career Advisory Board provides insight, advice and counsel on trends, economic forces and cultural shifts that impact career opportunities today and into the future – both nationally and globally. The board is comprised of representatives from business and academia, and includes recognized career experts and authors who can deliver valuable insights on today’s most important career trends. In other words, we can provide real and actionable advice for job-seekers, including:

In addition, the Advisory Board produces a Job Preparedness Report and Indicator Survey to help identify the gaps between the skills job candidates say they have and the skills employers seek to fill available positions.

It is a privilege to work for a company like IBM where I have been able to grow my skills and contributions on a professional front while being supported and encouraged to provide leadership across the extended global community as a volunteer.

Pete Joodi, Ph.D., is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and the Senior Location Executive for Columbus/Dublin, Ohio. Dr. Joodi is a recognized expert in designing, developing and deploying complex solutions for the automotive and energy & utility industries. He leads the academic initiative for Columbia University, DeVry and The Ohio State University, and is the IBM Academy Executive Advocate on growth markets.

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