Eight Years of Advancing Critical Humanitarian Research

Today, World Community Grid celebrates eight years of bringing together volunteers from around the world to support humanitarian research. World Community Grid taps the spare computational power of computers volunteered by the general public and provides it – free of charge – to scientists who might not otherwise have access to the intensive computing power they require for timely, humanitarian research.

In eight years, our volunteers have provided research scientists with the equivalent of more than 600,000 years of computing power to seek cures and new treatments for many diseases, identify clean sources of energy and seek to improve water quality. These projects have yielded more than 30 peer-reviewed scientific papers – industry recognition of scientific research being advanced by World Community Grid.

As World Community Grid heads into its ninth year, we celebrate the achievements of the past 12 months:

You may keep in touch with our latest developments and achievements through our Facebook and Twitter pages.

To join our community of more than half a million volunteers and donate your spare computing cycles to humanitarian causes, visit the Join Now page on the World Community Grid website. And be sure to join our Partner program if your organization is interested in participating.

Juan Hindo is a program manager with IBM’s Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs group.

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