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Supporting Hispanic Small Businesses Through Corporate Social Responsibility

Small businesses employ half of all private sector workers in the United States, pay 44 percent of America’s total private payroll, and have generated 65 percent of net new jobs
in the U.S. over the past 17 years. That’s why expanding the growth potential of small business is so important to the U.S. economy, and why Latin Business Today and IBM have created a number of small business programs which support small businesses.

Latin Business Today has collaborated with IBM to aid in providing unique and relevant content on innovation and best business practices to the Hispanic business community – delivering on our mission to accelerate the rate of growth for Hispanic-owned small and medium sized businesses in this challenging economy. Latin Business Today’s content for the Hispanic section of the U.S. SME Toolkit website complements our ongoing efforts to engage our audience through original features, small business success stories, and insights from mentors from a variety of business disciplines.

The SME Toolkit is a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs needing advice on everything from creating a business plan to growing their business through the use of social media. Similarly, Latin Business Today has a growing team of mentors from various disciplines
who support Hispanic businesses on topics including: financial, legal, marketing, IT and strategy.

We also continue to support the Latin Scholarship Fund inaugurated by our predecessor, Latin Business magazine. Since 2005, the Latin Scholarship Fund has awarded more than 20 college scholarships to academically promising Latino students who might otherwise be unable to afford postsecondary education. Latin Business Today’s contribution to the SME Toolkit and support of young Latino scholars are two of the ways in which we acknowledge the connection between education and jobs, and between healthy small businesses and a thriving American economy.

Former IBMer Barry Mittelman is the managing partner and publisher of Latin Business Today.

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