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The Meaning of Corporate Philanthropy

If you are in New York today, look up at the Empire State Building. It will be lighted blue and green for International Corporate Philanthropy Day, an international advocacy day intended to build awareness of public-private partnerships and to inspire businesses around the world to engage more fully.

I’ll be commemorating the day by attending the Billion + Change campaign event, where I’ll speak about IBM’s 2.5 million hour service pledge that has helped inspire 500 companies to lend their best business skills and talents to serve the needs of nonprofits at home and around the globe. As a globally integrated enterprise, IBM is committed to supporting all of the communities in which we work and where our employees reside. We are also committed to skills-based volunteerism, by which we “teach a person to fish” by imparting the expertise and intellectual capital of our global workforce. Many of the tools that IBMers are using to make our communities smarter are now generally available to the public free of charge in the form of our Activity Kits.

To see some of the terrific work that IBM is supporting around the world, take a look at our Centennial Grants program, through which we have awarded 11 grants totaling nearly $1 million. These grants – which support projects that apply IBM’s Smarter Planet strategies to community service – fund innovative projects developed by IBM volunteers in areas such as environmental sustainability, economic development, and civic engagement.

Happy ICP Day, everyone!

Diane Melley is Director of Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs at IBM.

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