Wish the world were less complicated? Welcome to storage made simple for modern data

By | 4 minute read | October 21, 2019

Remember when life was uncomplicated? Today, it seems you need a PhD to set up your new TV or even reset all the clocks in your home after a power outage. When daylight savings time comes into effect, you have to navigate through three menu levels on your car dashboard to reset the time.

If your customers’ daily lives are already complicated, the last thing they’ll want is a storage system fraught with a maze of frustrating administration. They want something that just makes sense. Not only should storage be easy to use, it should automatically tune itself based on the parameters they set.

The frustration factors

Over the past few years, I’ve talked to many of our clients about the storage challenges that they face. And frequently the same issues keep getting mentioned when we focus on what is contributing to the complexity of their storage environments:

  • They must store more data from a variety of new sources and gain revenue producing insights from that data. In fact, analysts predict that AI may add as much as 16% to global economic output by 2030.1
  • They need to deploy applications with better efficiency while using less resources. To keep on track, IT teams are turning to container-based platforms, such as Red Hat OpenShift, to improve application mobility in hybrid multicloud environments.
  • They are under pressure to secure data and fend off cyber threats.

Storage made simple for modern data

At IBM we believe in effortless storage. From installation all the way to daily maintenance, our solutions will delight your customers with their intuitive design coupled with high performance.

Today we are announcing innovations for AI and big data workloads, modern data protection and cyber resiliency that are designed to make storage simpler.

IBM Elastic Storage System 3000 (ESS 3000)

The newESS 3000 is the latest addition to our line of high performance, flexible scale-out file system solutions designed to manage unstructured data. Based on a proven, preconfigured non-volatile memory express (NVMe) IBM Storage platform, the ESS 3000 solution is one of the simplest ways for your clients to deploy world-class storage systems and software to power their AI and big data workloads.

“Flexible, easily scalable file system storage is a priority for many of our customers,” notes Raj Randhawa, CEO of IBM Business Partner Horizon Computer Solutions.“With the introduction of many new AI and Big Data analytics applications, our customers are being inundated with unstructured data. We need to be able to furnish solutions to them that can address this challenge, plus start small and then easily grow as large as necessary. The new IBM ESS 3000 will help meet these requirements very well, with NVMe performance and multicloud capabilities. We’re very pleased to see the announcement of this powerful new solution from IBM Storage.”

IBM Spectrum Discover

Designed to provide insight into unstructured data wherever it resides, IBM Spectrum Discovernow supports getting the metadata information from IBM Spectrum Protect datasets, which provides insight, discoverability and access to files in backup environments.

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus has been enhanced to simplify protection for containerized, SaaS and cloud-based workloads.

 There will be a technology preview of Red Hat OpenShift container backup support, and in Q4 2019, we plan to deliver container backup using container storage interface (CSI) snapshots in Kubernetes environments and support for VMware Cloud on AWS.  

IBM TS7700

Tape remains a mainstay for straightforward, modern data protection and cyber resiliency. IBM Storage is introducing the new IBM TS7770 virtual tape library. This new model offers users amongst the highest performance for active data, while helping to cut your clients’ cost of archiving, data retention and backup operations for IBM Z and LinuxONE servers.

“The announcement today of the new IBM TS7770 virtual tape library is good news for IBM Business Partners,” states Bruno Lampe, CEO of Axians Cloud Builder. “With IBM Z deployments showing robust growth, storage solutions like the new TS7770 that reduce costs, increase performance and integrate very well with IBM Z pervasive encryption and other security features are certain to be very attractive to our mainframe customers.”  

I’m sure you’ll agree that these innovations to our AI and Big Data workloads, modern data protection and cyber resiliency storage portfolio are a big leap forward in delivering the effortless simplicity your customers crave. Alain Beck, CEO of IBM Business Partner ACMI summed it up:

“IBM Storage is announcing game changing new solutions and significant innovations to existing systems. These enhancements allow Business Partners like me the opportunity to offer customers simple answers to business problems.”

If you’d like to learn more about any of these products or explore how we can help you and your customers simplify their storage, check out the following resources for further details:

1. The Wall Street Journal: The Economic Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the World Economy, November 2018 https://blogs.wsj.com/cio/2018/11/16/the-impact-of-artificial-intelligence-on-the-world-economy/