Why our IBM Storage offerings can open new opportunities for Business Partners

By | 4 minute read | April 15, 2021

IBM FlashSystem 5200

As I was getting ready for the much-anticipated official launch of the new IBM FlashSystem family, spearheaded by the IBM FlashSystem 5200, I received a notification about our first sale of a new FlashSystem 5015.

At first, I was a bit perplexed. The announcement wasn’t to be made globally for another 25 minutes.

I soon realized that it was one of our Italian partners—which meant that a partner had already made a sale—just in a different time zone. The launch was an overwhelming success, and that initial sale gave me the first confirmation of what I’d known for months: the new FlashSystem portfolio, and particularly the FlashSystem 5200, offers valuable business benefits to Business Partners and end users, and both existing IBM clients and prospects.

Supporting new opportunities

Our Business Partners tell us that the FlashSystem family offers them many opportunities—primarily because they see it addressing a significant opportunity in the external storage market. It also provides them with flexibility to meet the needs of their customers with a powerful lineup of offerings ranging from entry level to high end that seamlessly extend to hybrid cloud and container configurations.

With other vendors, they need to determine which product family to sell for the client’s non-mainframe needs. For example, Dell-EMC still offers eight different families of products for non-mainframe deployments. But our FlashSystem family offers a single platform for all our clients’ and prospects’ non-mainframe needs, making life simpler not only for end users but also for our Partners

IBM FlashSystem 5200 offers new sales plays and use cases

Business Partners are already hearing from customers that the FlashSystem 5200 changes the entry market by providing enterprise-class storage for companies—of any size. The replication and snapshot features deliver offsite data resilience, which helps improve recovery time after a malware or ransomware attack, as well as disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities. These types of results can equate to happier customers and more productivity.

FlashSystem 5200 series also offer a unique sales play around data center consolidation. Large clients with older arrays can consolidate with the FlashSystem 5200, meaning the potential for substantial CAPEX and OPEX savings, less manpower and lower storage costs. With the smaller size and consolidation of multiple storage arrays into the FlashSystem 5200 customers can save rack space, floor space, power and cooling costs and reduce network connections.

New use cases also mean more opportunities. The high performance and capacity of FlashSystem 5200 makes it ideal for running large data sets in your core data center, hybrid cloud environments, and container deployments, while its very compact size is ideal for edge use cases.

Lastly, using IBM Spectrum Virtualize and Storage Insights, which come with all FlashSystem offerings, you have opportunity to deliver management and cost reduction for non-IBM arrays. With its storage virtualization capability, the FlashSystem 5200 manages and provides enterprise class data services not only for IBM Storage but over 500 storage arrays from IBM and others.

Several launch incentives available for Business Partners

While our Business Partners tell us that the business benefits alone of the FlashSystem 5000 series are enough incentive, we want to add some fun to the launch by offering a number of incentives. If you sell any FlashSystem 5200 before June 30th, you can earn up to USD 1,000 in the Business Partner Program “In It to Win It” program and can earn up to USD 500 for the FlashSystem 5015 and 5035.  Be sure to check with your IBM partner managers and distributors to understand all the incentives around IBM Storage, as these may vary by region.

IBM provides the tools you need to make sales

Our relationship with our Business Partners is so much more than just providing the products and marketing materials—we are here to help you build the customer relationships needed for long-term sales. One way that IBM provides support is by creating reference videos for you to use at your discretion. Last year, we created more than 60 videos and only required a reference link to IBM when posting.

Additionally, we can help with custom virtual sales kickoffs or distribution meetings globally, as well as end user demand generation event to drive leads directly to you. Myself, or someone on my team, will provide you a speaker and IBM, along with your teams, will drive end users, both existing clients and prospects, to attend. Some of our Business Partners got very creative last year with the events: a wine tasting for one client, a beer tasting for another and several partners chose to use gift cards as incentives. Remember to leverage IBM events, which are also great lead generation tools.

Bringing business value to your customers

While we want to catch your attention with the incentives and COVID-19 donations, the real reason our Business Partners continue to sell our FlashSystem storage is value. IBM helps you provide your clients with the business and technical value that differentiates you from the other vendors trying to sell to them.

At IBM, we support our Business Partners not only by helping you sell to your customers, but also by developing and delivering products that help your customers grow and build their businesses—so they continue to turn to you for their technology needs as their business needs evolve.

If you missed the launch, take a moment and watch the replay on demand.

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