When a warrior has the right tools, extraordinary things happen

By | 2 minute read | May 26, 2020

In uncertain times, people have always looked to heroes to help them overcome life’s challenges and find the right path to minimize and manage disruption. But as times and the looming threats to our society have changed, the heroes — the warriors — that we’ve come to rely on have evolved beyond being just masters of combat or battle strategy.

Today’s warriors are the world’s biggest and brightest thinkers. They’re mission-driven scientists full of passion, courage and skill. They’re innovators who are looking to solve the most complex problems we’re facing. And to properly equip these warriors, we need to offer them the right data and tools to start asking questions — the right questions — because that is where finding the right answer begins.

Or as Don Kines, our Director of IBM Systems and Services explains it: “During these unprecedented times, we are seeing firsthand how the job of the data scientist is becoming paramount to finding answers to real-world challenges that affect us all. These modern-day warriors are the difference-makers, and when armed with the right tools, they can make extraordinary things happen.”


Turning data scientists into Watson Warriors

In an effort to help find and support these modern-day warriors, we here at Tech Data have teamed with Launch Consulting, a business and technology consultancy firm, to build a modern-day arena — an innovative gaming platform that demonstrates the promise of AI through tools and an infrastructure specifically designed for the most insane data workloads.

And with this platform, we’ve launched Watson Warriors — a series of interactive competitions designed to win the hearts and minds of data scientists from around the world. During these events, data scientists and line of business managers are met with various design challenges that offer greater insight into AI and that demonstrate how intuitive and easy it is to build real models using the IBM AI software and hardware solution stack.

Our initial events challenge competitors to model weather conditions — using datasets from The Weather Company, an IBM business — in order to predict likely locations where a forest fire will occur. And we intend to produce other scenarios based on the same or expanded infrastructure and tool sets.

Beyond gaming events, we’ve also designed the Watson Warrior platform to be used for education, awareness, proof-of-concepts and demos by Tech Data, our partners and IBM.


A modern arena for a modern world

The Watson Warrior gaming platform was originally designed for face-to-face events where a room full of data scientists could compete against one another, all while their line of business managers could join in and collaborate or just root them on. We held our first competition in early 2020 — watch the video to see data scientists became problem-solving warriors, competing to solve challenges using Watson AI tools and technologies on IBM Power Systems in the IBM Cloud.

But given guidelines surrounding our current situation, we’ve had to modify the experience to easily support virtual events, hosting our first virtual events in April and May 2020.


Become a warrior

With Watson Warriors, our goal was to create a singular experience to help influence and educate both the buyers of today and of tomorrow. And we believe we have created a unique, game-changing, hands-on experience accessible to data scientists and line of business professionals while also building awareness and preference for the IBM AI strategic solution stack.

Do you have what it takes to be a Watson Warrior?

Learn more and signup for our next virtual event.

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