Watson Build 2018 Global Showcase

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Meet the champions and finalists at Think 2019: February 13, 2019

The Journey

IBM created the Watson Build Challenge to spark the development of innovative AI solutions that run on IBM Cloud. Over the past nine months, we have offered access to exclusive IBM resources, technology experts and IBM Cloud credits to enable Business Partner success through our 2018 program.

Over the course of Phase 1 – Think, IBM Business Partners were challenged to dream up an AI concept and develop that idea into a business plan based on strategic market opportunity.

In Phase 2 – Build, we saw participants put ideas into action by exploring AI technology and developing real prototypes in the IBM Cloud. They then went on to “pitch” their solution to a panel of industry geography-based experts.

Watson Build 2018 attracted hundreds of Business Partners across the globe and produced 515 AI-based business concepts and plans, of which more than 400 partners advanced to the Build phase. More than 250 solutions were developed on IBM Cloud, and ultimately, seven geography champions were selected. Five additional finalists were selected to participate in the Watson Build 2018 Global Showcase at Think 2019—the culmination of the challenge. You can read summaries of the winning solutions at the end of this blog.

The Showcase

Are you attending Think 2019? Our seven geography champions and five showcase finalists will be sharing their experiences from this year’s program and demoing their prototypes at the Watson Build 2018 Global Showcase located at Think AI Campus, Wednesday, February 13, 2019.

  • 11:30 AM–12:10 PM | Session ID: 7187A
  • 12:30 PM–1:10 PM | Session ID: 7188A
  • 1:30 PM–2:10 PM | Session ID: 7189A

We hope to see you there!

Catherine Solazzo
Vice President, IBM Partner Ecosystem Marketing


Watson Build 2018 Geography Champions:

Asia Pacific: ThinkLabs JSC – an Indoor Air Quality Monitoring (IAQM) solution leveraging machine learning with IoT to prevent air pollution and improve health conditions.

Europe: Compta Emerging Business, SA – “Bee2FireDetection”, a complete system of automatic fire prevention, prediction and detection for forests, industrial yards and natural parks.

Greater China: CIB Digital Financial Services Co., LTD– a bank management platform to analyze, assess and recommend actions to improve operations, performance, decisions and compliance.

Japan: Seino Information Service Co., Ltd– a dynamic pricing solution that optimizes distribution resources in the supply chain helping shippers and transport operators improve efficiency.

Latin America: Kukac Solutions Cognitivas e Consultoria Ltda– an AI-driven ecosystem to identify social-emotional characteristics of people to help schools and companies personalize their educational or professional journey.

Middle East & Africa: Vascon Solutions Development and Multiservices Limited – an Emergency Response System (ERS) solution to enable analytics driven interactions between users and first responders in emergencies.

North America: Zilker Technology – a solution to improve supply chain decisions, optimize cash-to-cash cycles and improve brand trust for providers of sustainable, organic food products.


Watson Build 2018 Showcase Finalists:

Agnes Intelligence LLC (North America Showcase finalist). Agnes Intelligence developed a cloud-based legal eDiscovery platform to enable efficient adjudication of disputes by helping legal teams go from disorganized data to trial-ready cases using a broad range of AI technologies.

Aponia LLC (North America Showcase finalist). Aponia has evolved its platform and is helping businesses predict and minimize risk and reduce compliance costs using Watson AI and IBM Cloud services.

Fortrus LTD (Europe Showcase finalist). Fortrus built a Cognitive Eye Care solution to enable proactive, predictive and more efficient eye exams and treatments using embedded AI and machine learning algorithms.

SallySoft International (Middle East and Africa Showcase finalist). SallySoft International created a marketplace solution for commuters using AI, machine learning and pattern recognition to optimize mass bus transit routes and schedules.

Spacetime Limited (Asia Pacific Showcase finalist). SpaceTime Limited created an AI-powered solution to give medical practitioners the ability to search pharmaceutical data sheets, using natural language questions, and provide answers to prescribing information in real time.


To learn more about IBM Watson Build 2018, visit ibm.biz/bpbuild. To follow as we live-tweet the Watson Build Global Championship, follow us on Twitter at @IBMPartners and #WatsonBuild2018.

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