Want to grow through obstacles? Grow with cloud

By | 2 minute read | February 15, 2021

Server maintenance and management may not be the most glamorous task, and for many enterprises, managing and maintaining servers can prove daunting. But when you develop complex software solutions that make heavy processing demands, having the right IT infrastructure in place is critical.

IBM Business Partner MadX Panel Sdn Bhd is one such organization. Specializing in multi-level marketing and cryptocurrency solutions, MadX strives to provide its customers with a safe and ultra-reliable web hosting experience.


Bad problem. Good problem.

Back in 2015, MadX was running into some infrastructure challenges that were causing issues for its business.

“We’re a software house, so we don’t know a lot about servers,” explains Chan Hok Cheong, Server Administrator at MadX. “We have traditionally relied on cloud hosting, and we had been using a local cloud provider, but there were some serious trust issues. We needed to find a new cloud environment.”

Alongside these trust issues, MadX was also experiencing what is widely considered to be a good problem to have: an explosion in client numbers. And while this incredible growth benefitted its bottom line, the company found that it had outgrown its capability to provide reliable digital services.

“We had more than 1.5 million total users,” adds Cheong. “But when we would have more than 10,000 active users for a service, the virtual server would collapse.”


Clearing the obstacles

Madx turned to IBM for help. The business migrated its offerings to IBM Cloud, allowing it to expand its IT infrastructure with on demand scalability. Now when users increase, the infrastructure will automatically assign new resources to promote a stable, reliable experience. And by taking advantage of IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers, MadX can better optimize costs, enable stable computing resources and promote high performance.

“The scalability was really important for us,” notes Cheong. “With so many total users, we can’t easily predict how many will be active at a given time. And if there is a quick increase in usage, that’s when we need our solutions to work properly — otherwise we are going to be disappointing a lot of customers.”

After this new infrastructure had been proven, MadX signed an IBM Embedded Solution Agreement (ESA) in 2018, which allows the firm to streamline and simplify the delivery of its offerings within IBM Cloud.

And as an added bonus, MadX found that by building and strengthening its relationship with IBM, the company made its clients more confident and comfortable when working with it.

“This relationship with IBM has been a great experience for us as we continue to grow,” concludes Cheong. “We are focusing more on blockchain and cryptocurrency these days, which require a lot of support from the servers. So as we move forward, we will continue to take advantage of our relationship with IBM and the IBM Cloud.”