Ecosystem Transformation Series Part II: Upgrading Your Business with Simplification

By | 2 minute read | June 14, 2019

When I was in grade school, I read a nursery rhyme called “The House that Jack Built.” The rhyme builds upon the connection between many things like people and animals, and Jack’s house. I can’t help but see a couple parallels with the ongoing transformation of the IBM Partner Ecosystem.

Our resources, technology, tools and processes all have a connection in the business YOU have built. But some of these connections to your business need to be renovated. John Teltsch talked about how your feedback in NPS surveys was the catalyst behind our Partner Ecosystem transformation. Revamping some of these processes is part of our transformation.

In NPS surveys we receive a lot of positive comments, but we truly appreciate hearing the opportunities to improve. One word stands out in the comments, Simplify!

“Simplify your quotation process – improve the turnaround time of requested proposals.”

“Simplify the management of the registration and opportunity management system.”

“Simplify the sales incentive programs.”

It’s “too complicated to be a reseller.”

We heard you. That is why one part of our transformation focuses on making it much easier to resell IBM On-Premise Software AND allowing you as a Business Partner to see greater rewards for the value you deliver. Remember Jack’s house? It’s about to get an upgrade. Think of it as modernizing the insulation, plumbing and electrical system, giving the house that Jack built a new lease on life!

Step 1:  Streamlining resale authorization. This will make it easy to become a Business Partner and to cross sell the broad range of IBM Software.

Step 2:  Improving the pricing experience. This gives you self-serve access to competitive Non-Special Bid Prices (Channel Quick Price).

Step 3: Creating confidence with Deal Registration. This recognizes your investment by establishing a ‘First in with value’ advantage with access to special bid pricing & differentiated incentives.

Step 4:  Improving partner margin and incentives. This involves simplifying and continuing to differentiate for value.

Our vision is that these upgrades help your business withstand the storms. Whether those storms are industry trends or technology changes, protecting your value and investments.

Jack’s house is looking a lot better. But I haven’t mentioned one of the most important parts of the renovations. NPS surveys are our “windows” that provide your feedback to us, and transparency on our part so you keep up with what IBM is doing and planning. The windows are what will allow us to continue our collaboration that has led to such productive initiatives as mentioned above. We look forward to our continued partnership, improved relationship and an improved Business Partner experience and I hope you do to!

Jolene Mueller


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