Transformation Series Part VI: Technology’s Secret Ingredient

By | 2 minute read | August 21, 2019

You can find the world’s most popular chicken restaurant in 118 countries. The franchise credits its success to its unique combination of eleven herbs and spices; a secret recipe locked away from public view in a vault. While this “secret recipe,” may have worked a marketing tool, the “secret ingredient” tactic is not unique to restaurants. Tech companies have secret ingredients as well, and as IBM prepares for the future, it is positioning itself to reveal the secret ingredient that launches technology partners into the future: IBM technology.

This concept isn’t new to IBM. We’ve been the secret ingredient to top developers, ISVs and others for years. With the Apollo mission to the moon, IBM built and programmed the Saturn instrument unit, which served as the computer nerve center for the launch vehicle—controlling the rocket until Apollo was safely headed to the Moon. 50 years later, IBM is still making visionaries’ dreams a reality.  

Embedded Solution Agreements (ESA) expand on that secret ingredient ideology. ESAs are one part of the IBM Partner Ecosystem transformation; A series of new solutions and processes we are launching in direct response to your feedback. ESAs help the thousands of companies with ideas or tools in development but need that key ingredient to accelerate their time to market, enhance profitability and client value. ESAs give Technology Partners access to IBM’s portfolio of offerings, to make their ideas work smarter. The result is a commercially available Tech Partner branded solution that is distinct from the IBM product or products. In other words, what used to take two years to build, can now be on the market in months.

What does this mean for Tech Partners? Here are a few ways you can use ESAs to enhance existing or build new products:

  • Build for portability, integration and interoperability to move fast and have choices.
  • Embed AI into works-flows to deliver signature industry experiences.
  • Leverage APIs to integrate and monetize IP.
  • Inject new capability into a solution such as IoT, AI and Blockchain.
  • Design for data and capitalize on insights.
  • Help enable trust, resilience and security to create a more secure environment.
  • Build on IBM, with IBM.

These embedded solutions improve profitability and client value allowing Technology Partners to reach new customers and increase sales for their solutions simply by embedding IBM software.

Thinking back to the secret ingredients in restaurants…chefs aren’t just good with the spice rack. They’ve got some tasty tricks up their sleeves that help improve or elevate the taste, texture and look of dishes. Like chefs, developers aren’t limited in their skills either. They’re not just fixing and debugging existing products. They’ve also got some tricks up their sleeves to help improve or elevate the capabilities, security, resiliency, portability and interoperability of existing AND new offerings. How? With their own powerful secret ingredient: IBM.

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