Transform your relationship from being just another vendor — bring your customers to Think 2020

By | 2 minute read | February 4, 2020

You’re going to Think 2020.

You’ve submitted your travel request. You’ve booked that coveted window seat. You’ve made your hotel reservations. You have a clear game plan in place for how to make the most of those four days in May.

You’re all set, right? Well, if you haven’t invited your customers yet, you may not be as ready as you think.

Not only does Think present an amazing opportunity for our Business Partners to grow and innovate, but it extends those same opportunities to their customers as well. And that joint growth helps to build stronger relationships.

Take a moment to hear from some of our Business Partners on why they feel bringing their customers to Think is so critical.

At Think 2020, you’ll have the opportunity to transform your relationship from just customer and vendor. You’ll be able to explore future possibilities, build plans and discuss in person what’s important to both of your businesses.

And customers face a number of other advantages that they can experience over those four days. For instance, they’ll be able to:

Expand their network
Last year over 7,000 Business Partners and 8,500 clients attended Think. And we expect more than 30,000 total attendees this year. That next landmark client, cost-saving vendor or innovative business partner may be among them.

Innovate with confidence
Through a series of technical demonstrations, learning labs and hands-on demonstrations, your customers will be able to explore how to integrate the latest technologies (e.g., AI, blockchain) into their development roadmap.

Gain inspiration and insight
Your customers just might find newer and smarter ways of doing things after attending one of the many sessions hosted by the thought leaders, inventors and change-makers that make Think a maelstrom of innovation.

Share their success
Throughout the Think conference, IBM, our partners and our clients will be sharing stories of their triumphs from the past year. Your customers can add their voices to the chorus, or even begin writing the first chapter of their own story. We hope your customers can make it to San Francisco this May, and we look forward to seeing you there as well.

Register today to secure your spot at Think 2020.

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