Tech Data’s new Tech Labs put the power of AI in the hands of partners

By | 3 minute read | December 16, 2019

The use of technology to support quicker and more informed decision-making is fundamentally changing the way we do business. Our customers expect faster, better and more innovative services. Our shipping and distribution channels need to be streamlined, eliminating waste and delivering everything just-in-time. Our boardrooms demand richer insight into performance metrics—and they want them now.

This acceleration of business—and knowledge—is why augmented intelligence (AI) has become one of the hottest topics in industry today.

However, here at Tech Data Italia, we have seen a relatively slow uptake of AI in the channel market. So, to help our partners understand the potential of this game-changing technology, earlier this year, we opened a permanent center of expertise for AI in Milan. We call it the Tech Lab and with it, we aim to help partners and their clients take full advantage of AI, in partnership with IBM and Red Hat.

Experimenting with innovation

The Tech Lab aspires to be the platform on which our partners can develop new skills by getting hands-on access—either in person or remotely—to a series of solutions and platforms that can be used to build innovative AI offerings. We work closely with these partners to develop new use cases and turnkey solutions for integration. And we also try to create an environment in which they can develop innovative client value propositions.

The lab space is open to Tech Data resellers who, in turn, can invite partners and clients for individual or group exploration and technical and business development. And for those that can’t make it to one of our lab locations, we make the technology available for remote use at our reseller or client sites. Throughout this process, our experts remain available to provide dedicated technical, sales and marketing support.

Our work at these labs is about helping our resellers and their clients accelerate their AI journey. And these efforts are based on the most advanced technologies from Red Hat and IBM, including IBM® Watson® and IBM Power® Systems.

Collaboration in practice

Tech Data is one of the first distributors in Italy to offer this kind of sophisticated AI facility. It’s a prime example of the power of collaboration between IBM and Tech Data in Italy and around the world, and it is a significant step forward for us in transforming the channel AI opportunity.

Since we launched the Tech Lab in February 2019, a large number of our partners have made great use of the facility to demonstrate the value that collaboration in AI can unlock for their partners.

  • Plurimedia joined the IBM Partner Ecosystem relatively recently. The business specializes in developing hybrid cloud, IoT and AI solutions. And Plurimedia cites the principles of open source as being key to the transformative power of cloud technologies. Further, the company is passionate not only about cloud being a technology disruptor but also about the impact it can have on every aspect of business.
  • Marketing MultiMedia Group (MMM Group) is a leading provider of digital advertising based on machine learning. We are partnering with the MMM Group, IBM and the Politecnico di Milano on creating innovative marketing campaigns that combine technology along with commercial and human expertise to create a new generation of advanced marketing possibilities.
  • Relatech has been an IBM Business Partner since 2014. A specialist in AI development and integration, the company believes that the real value in our partnership is based on the powerful combination of IBM technology, Tech Data’s commercial expertise and its own deep technical expertise.
  • has demonstrated an impressive competence in various AI fields, including a solution that aids cancer detection using image recognition. It is currently working with IBM and Tech Data in order to enhance its existing business offerings.

For Tech Data and all our partners, it is the power of partnership which enables us to go beyond the limits of our own individual capabilities. Working as part of this next generation ecosystem enables each player to capitalize on the expertise, market insights and technical capabilities from across our market.

The opportunities are growing exponentially. If you have a moment, schedule a visit to one of our Tech Labs to see first-hand some of the amazing work that we’re doing with IBM and our partners.

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