Finding success with high-value cloud services

By | 2 minute read | January 8, 2019

Delivering high value cloud services

While the cloud may seem like a nebulous, untethered space to users, those of us in the business know that behind the curtain there’s a lot more going on. Whether we’re talking about a public or private cloud, or increasingly a hybrid environment, there’s a physical foundation powering cloud clients, cloud applications and cloud services: a platform and storage infrastructure made up of application servers and databases, and a computing infrastructure comprised of physical or virtual hardware like servers and VMware.

In the rush to enter the market and deliver innovative cloud services, many Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) put the majority of their resources into the front end of their applications — developing an exciting UX, features and functionality to attract customers and differentiate from competitors. They spent far less time thinking about and investing in the underlying infrastructure. But eventually, the importance of the foundation becomes clear.

The explosion of cloud computing platforms and applications, along with rapid market adoption across industries like retail, financial services, healthcare, government and manufacturing and the introduction of new complex compliance regulations, means that CSPs are under considerable pressure and scrutiny to demonstrate that their services are secure, scalable, performant and agile.

For this reason, many CSPs are transitioning to enterprise-grade solutions for their data centers. IBM is working with leading CSPs to implement a modern, open and holistic approach for building and managing their entire cloud computing stack—from the computing, platform and storage infrastructure to the applications, services and cloud clients.

IBM has developed the CSP Growth Initiative to empower our Channel Partners and CSPs to drive greater profitability and relevance from cloud services. This exciting program provides cutting-edge insights from outside consulting firms that work with the industry’s top vendors (AWS, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, HPE) and CSP partner executives to help you shape how you deliver new high-value and high-growth cloud services. The program is designed to:

  • Enable existing IBM Channel Partners to become CSPs based on a proven methodology to help ensure their success, and
  • Support existing IBM CSPs to improve their profitability and create a competitive advantage

To learn more about the program and its benefits, I invite you to join us for a live webinar on 15 January 2019 at 10 AM US Eastern Standard Time (EST) and at 10 PM US Eastern Standard Time (EST) — join the one that works best for you. During this interactive webinar you will learn:

  • Five specific strategies to help your 2019 business strategy
  • Eight industry best practices driving CSP profitability and relevance in the digital economy in 2019

Kick off 2019 by learning how you can create high-value, high-growth opportunities using IBM’s comprehensive approach to delivering cloud services. Register today for this valuable and informative live webinar:

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Bruce Maule
Vice President, Ecosystem Marketing – IBM Systems