New Storwize offerings and strengthened IBM commitment to Channel create new business opportunities

By | 4 minute read | October 23, 2018

Today, IBM is announcing a number of new offerings and enhancements to our industry-acclaimed storage systems, storage software and modern data protection portfolio.

It’s important that sellers (IBM and our Business Partners) are familiar with this content, and the messaging being provided to our customers. So, for more information, see our launch overview call, today’s announcement webcast and our public launch blog.

Highlights of the announcement include:

  • New IBM Storwize V7000 with NVMe: This system brings your customers the benefits of end-to-end NVMe technology to the Storwize family. Focusing on the rapidly growing all-flash array market but with hybrid expansion options, this system leverages features such as extensive AI-based storage resource management, predictive analytics, automated support and AI-based data placement with Easy Tier.
  • IBM Spectrum Discover: A powerful new offering helping customers better handle vast volumes of unstructured data through advanced insight for analytics, governance/compliance and optimization.
  • Enhancements to IBM Spectrum Virtualize and related all-flash arrays delivering customers NVMe over Fibre Channel, part of IBM’s end-to-end NVMe support strategy that delivers improved performance today and prepares their infrastructure for the future.
  • We’ve also added substantial enhancements across our all-flash portfolio with new functions in the IBM FlashSystem 900, DS8880F family, and the FlashSystem A9000 and A9000R. This bolsters our strong commitment to the great opportunity in the all-flash market.

In this blog I’d like to provide you with some Channel-specific news, as well as some background to why these are important to IBM, and to you, our Business Partners.

First, I’m very excited to announce that IBM is making the Storwize product line available exclusively through our Business Partners as a “Channel-only” product. We hope that this will make things simpler, as you will benefit from the elimination of any route confusion or Channel contention. You will also benefit from potentially being introduced into clients that may not buy their Storwize systems from resellers today.

Our brand specialists will still be compensated and engaging to help you with sales, and our marketing teams will still provide market content and leads.

Though the storage market continues to provide powerful ongoing opportunities, some major vendors offering entry-level and midrange commercial and enterprise storage solutions are nonetheless adjusting their strategic focus away from this market. We will continue to strongly support and enhance our existing offerings and partnerships as they move through course changes and business cycles.

At the same time, IBM intends to aggressively pursue opportunities within the entry-level and midrange commercial and enterprise storage markets. We see plenty of opportunity to capture an even larger share of these markets with some well-designed new offerings and initiatives:

  • IBM will be growing our team to more effectively drive storage sales through both new and existing Channels.
  • We are introducing pre-configured offerings that are optimized for velocity Channel sales.
  • IBM will continue our leadership in the growing software-defined storage space where we are one of the market leaders.
  • IBM will continuously look for ways to improve our Storwize product line to support client requirements.
  • And we will continue to review and adjust IBM storage pricing to ensure that it’s competitive for the marketplace.

To support this strategy, Storwize plays a key role in the new IBM entry-level and midrange commercial and enterprise storage sales initiatives, and the new NVMe-based Storwize V7000 Gen3 gives us a significant boost over the competition.

It’s not just Storwize V7000 that’s getting attention today. We are also introducing a pre-configured and easy-to-order Storwize V5010.

Because of all the advances and inherent power and functionality provided by its IBM Spectrum Virtualize foundation, we see Storwize V5010 as very competitive in both the entry-level and midrange market segments. These Storwize V5010 specific configurations are designed to provide sales advantages to our Business Partners by addressing a wide range of requirements across this market space:

  • All-flash package: For customers who have expressed the need for flash performance at very affordable pricing
  • Entry package: For enterprises that need to start at the lowest possible price point, but still want a solution that can readily grow and adapt to their changing business needs
  •   Popular package: The most commonly requested Storwize V5010 solutions that have featured substantial disk storage capabilities with all the data services that Storwize V5010 can offer
  • Hybrid package: Mixing flash and disk storage in one system has proven to be a big seller to commercial and enterprise accounts that have a very wide range of performance and capacity needs
  • Capacity package: For customers who request as much basic Storwize capacity as they can afford, with performance being a secondary consideration

These very competitively priced configurations are available immediately. They demonstrate IBM’s strong commitment to competing and winning in the entry-level storage array market. While others may look elsewhere for sales opportunities, IBM is accelerating our ability to bring you install base leads with new inside resources and an AI-based refresh tool to guide the upgrade path.

Sales Education is now available to help you understand and position these enhancements and other Virtualized Storage marketing content and resources are available, so there is now no better time to engage with customers and prospects.

Don’t forget that our “In it to win it!” incentives are available through the end of the year and all our new offerings announced today can be leveraged with this incentive program. You can earn up to USD 30,000 for new client installs, USD 20,000 for any software sold with our systems and USD 10,000 for any all-flash array sale!

As you can see from the above comments, I’m excited about the fact that IBM is continuing our strong investment in our Storwize and entry-level business, so we encourage you to reach out to your local IBM rep and learn more.

I hope you enjoy a successful and profitable Q4.

Kelly Robinson
Vice President Global Storage Channel Sales
IBM Systems

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