Shining through – Computer Gross gains attention with a new cloud marketplace

By | 3 minute read | October 9, 2019

We live in a time of abundance. From deodorant to televisions to system integrators – consumers are overwhelmed with choices. For almost any product or service, they can pick from more options than they’ll ever rationally consider, which makes it challenging for businesses to cut through the noise and become a brand of choice.

In many cases, competition in the digital economy is leading distributors to go beyond their traditional “logistics” role to offer a wider range of compelling services in order to capture customer attention.

Some have become hubs for their partner ecosystem. Others, a virtual market for leading cloud services, best practices and success stories. Still others a storehouse for the tools to manage invoices, configurations or product usage.

The opportunities are myriad in this rapidly expanding market. But one thing remains constant – in order to capture customers and build loyalty, providers must increasingly offer a marketplace that can build and deploy vertical solutions for clients and markets.

When it comes to cloud, IBM Business Partner Computer Gross is committed to offering the most sophisticated way for partners to get the offerings they need. We began by investing in a proprietary data center. Then we built the skills and professional roles in order to manage the transition to cloud. Now, with SolutionUP we have a marketplace that, in just a few months, has become a digital lighthouse for cloud services in Italy.

A choice born from a history of innovation

Speed, courage, promptness. These are the qualities embodied by IBM’s own transformation program and were highlighted at Think 2019 in San Francisco. IBM’s message was clear – it wants its channel players to move faster, to develop their next generation skills and to be up to date with the digital transformation fundamentals needed by today’s enterprises. In this environment, the marketplace becomes a real strategic asset.

Computer Gross is one of the first Italian distributors to implement a marketplace fully dedicated to selling IBM Cloud solutions. According to Paolo Castellacci, our President at Computer Gross:It’s a path of innovation built in 25 years of collaboration between IBM and Computer Gross. A path that brought us to this new channel of distribution, that brings – with a very short time to market – all of IBM’s innovation.”

“A proper choice in manner and times” explains David Baldinotti, manager of our Software & Cloud business unit, “because we manage to have a very good collaboration, and we answered promptly to IBM’s deadlines for the marketplace deployment.”

A business model that is already a success story

In a market that is moving to cloud adoption, businesses that are quick and innovative in their response to market needs will be the ones to find success. But they need the advice and skills to do it. SolutionUP is just such a place. We were the first VAD in Italy, and now we’ve become the first company to relaunch and put this type of business model in the cloud. We think that the new digital channel strategy will have a big impact on Italian ecosystem business models.

IBM’s director of Partner Ecosystem in Italy, Francesco Casa, agrees: “This news perfectly reflects the transformation path we would like our Partners to be in. The platform developed by Computer Gross motivates system integrators and resellers to become more innovative using innovative technologies. The SaaS model and cloud needs to be the driver for velocity and efficiency and not to be considered a threat anymore. Speediness and innovation need to become pervasive, such as they are in Computer Gross, first VAD in Italy to offer our marketplace to the channel.”

To pursue your own measure of success, explore the full range of IBM solutions – from analytics (e.g., data science data warehouse and platforms) to AI (e.g. IBM Watson Studio) – that SolutionUP has to offer.

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