Partnership has never been more important

By | 3 minute read | April 19, 2020

During this current global crisis, I’ve been reflecting on what “true partnership” really means, and I’ve come to appreciate that at its core, partnership is built from three shared values: trust, mutual dependency and a common vision.

Trust is foundational to our company — it underpins how we engage with our Business Partners. We value the mutual trust that we currently share, and we will work hard to reinforce this confidence as we face these times together.

Year after year, we see that IBM’s success is directly tied to our partners’ success. We rely on your expertise, scale and innovation. In turn, our Partners count on IBM to continually bring the best technology to market.

As a company, IBM’s vision is to be essential to our world, and our Partners play a key role in bringing this to life. Together we can tackle important challenges — like addressing the impact of COVID-19 — today and into the future.

To demonstrate our commitment to our Partners, we are implementing a number of measures to help you not just endure, but to emerge strong.

Adapting our programs and terms to overcome today’s challenges

  • Extended the IBM PartnerWorld Program revalidation grace period from May 5, 2020 to January 1, 2021; partners will not decrease in program level or lose a competency during this time
  • Suspended CVR Sales / Sales Assist, CVR Solution revalidation for 2020 allowing partners additional time to prepare and complete necessary testing
  • Additional time to submit your Competency Co-Marketing plans by lengthening the planning period
  • Extended flexible financing options for IBM Power and IBM Storage solutions to partners and clients through IBM Global Financing
  • IBM Systems added millions of dollars into the incentive portfolio for Distributors and Specialty Partners in markets around the world
  • Increased Q2 performance incentives for Power and Storage Competency partner. (Refer to local announcements for full details)
  • Expanded the personal certification period to comply with Education and Certifications deadlines by 30 days

Developing competencies needed for today AND tomorrow

  • Reimagined Think 2020 as a digital experience with a dedicated partner track; free for all to join
  • Launched a series of enablement webinars to develop our partners’ program, offering and digital selling skills
  • Provided access to key Virtual Selling Tools, helping our partners to shift from in-person to remote digital selling
  • Offered remote training tools, guidance and resources to make sure learning never stops
  • Provide resources to plan/prospect and progress leads; and run a digital workshop with the Digital Technical Engagement team

Focusing on offerings that harness the power of cloud and AI

Enabling new Go-to-Market models to drive demand

These and many other benefits and programs are in place with more to come. Stay connected, make sure you have opted-in to our PartnerWorld communications news, and do check regularly our COVID-19 Partner Digital Resource Page to stay up to date on the programs and benefits available to you.

We are here for you, together we will get through this.