Mjølner Informatics and IBM Champions for Growth: A partnership greater than the sum of its parts

Partnership in business is about using the best that each partner has and combining those elements to create the kind of value that neither could achieve on their own. Mjølner’s story is about how two potential competitors are utilizing their unique capabilities to create extraordinary solutions.

Mjølner is a software and digital design consultancy, based in Denmark. We are a relatively small team of around 180 people, but we work with clients all over the world.  Mjølner specializes in helping clients move from idea to execution quickly through a combination of design thinking, applied AI, and accelerated development of digital solutions.

As data increasingly becomes the core asset in business, the ability to extrapolate and apply insights is becoming a key differentiator. But for many businesses, simply understanding what data they have is a major challenge. Mjølner first began exploring the possibilities of using IBM Watson with our clients in 2015. We were convinced that if we combine our consulting capabilities with leading AI technology we have a winning solution to enable clients to get the most out of their data. But, of course, as a consultancy, we also saw a potential conflict with IBM’s own consulting practice.

In conversation with IBM about the best way to structure our relationship, we were introduced to the Champions for Growth program. By introducing an IBM Watson specialist into the Mjølner team on a fixed-term contract, we had a chance to structure our AI consulting business in a way that accelerates the business value outcome of AI for our clients. Ole Johansen joined us just over a year ago from IBM’s Watson AI practice and has become an instrumental part of the Mjølner team. With our consultancy background, having a technical product expert on staff has enabled us to customize the service we offer to clients further.

For a smaller company like Mjølner, an organization as large as IBM can be challenging to navigate, but thanks to Champions for Growth, we are able to identify new areas where we might expand our mutual offerings.

The relationship has benefitted both our businesses. For Mjølner, IBM Watson brings a set of tools which enable us to accelerate the time to value of client projects, building solutions which enable them to unlock the power of their data simpler, faster, and more effectively.

And, as Ole explains, for IBM his placement with Mjølner is creating valuable insights into the way business partners develop and execute solutions using its technology and their agile partnerships with client within the manufacturing, utilities, and public sector. The success of our relationship is about playing to the strengths of both organizations and the Champions for Growth program has been a tremendous help in achieving that.

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