LTI creates value through IBM PartnerWorld Build and Service Competencies

By | 5 minute read | February 12, 2021

Larsen & Toubro Infotech Limited (LTI), a global technology and digital solutions company headquartered in Mumbai, India, starting hearing from their clients in all industries about the challenge of managing content as they undergo digital transformation.

Through these conversations, LTI learned that organizations typically have documents taking up large amounts of space in either office or storage facilities, and that many of these documents have been laying around for years.

While most companies need a paper trail, such as for compliance or process oversight, they often resort to time-consuming manual processes to ensure those documents are searchable, retrievable and editable.

To help their clients automate workflows and digitize enterprise-wide business processes, LTI decided to launch a new product: iDigitalization (iDz). Ramesh Revuru, Head of Digital Center of Excellence (CoE) & Digital Integration at LTI, said they wanted to do more than just automate processes: They wanted to also contextualize the content and create an intelligent and connected enterprise.

Because document approvals can often hold up processes, the solution needed to allow leaders to easily approve documents from mobile devices.

Building on IBM Cloud Pak for Automation

After understanding the problem, the next challenge was to determine how to build the solution technically. A key component of the solution builds on top of the IBM tech stack using the Cloud-Pak for Automation offering. This is comprised of components for Business Process Management (BPM), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Operational Decision Management (ODM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM), along with the add-on capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning, which can be integrated seamlessly. Gowrishankar Ganesamurthy, Head of Digitalization from LTI, worked hand-in-hand with the customer community, as well as IBM labs, to jointly develop iDz.

LTI subscribes to the IBM PartnerWorld Enterprise Partner Package and the Enterprise Booster Package. By using the benefits included in the Enterprise Package, LTI continues to develop, test and create a proof of concept to develop new service-based solutions.

Because of their past success and strong relationship with IBM, they decided to use Cloud Pak for Automation as the platform.

“IBM Cloud Pak for Automation was definitely the best choice we could have made for the solution. Whenever we wanted to add a new component, Cloud Pak had all the varieties included to make the solution more efficient,” says Ganesamurthy. “When we wanted to add a content management system, we used FileNet. When we needed a new Optical Character Recognition (OCR) component, we used the Cloud Pak Data Cap.”

The LTI team used Cloud Pak features, including business automation workflow (BAW), document extractor (Data Cap), content engine (FileNet), IBM Digital Worker and IBM Operational Decision Manager to build the components of iDz. The developer team also leveraged security and seamless connectivity through third-party integrations from Cloud Pak.

Because they layered the Processes Configurator on top of Cloud Pak, users can create and modify workflows on either a mobile device or through a web portal.

Throughout the process, the team kept their eye on the features that users needed to automate work-flows and documents. The chatbots intelligently capture necessary information, such as radio speak and human intervention, which automates the mundane and error-prone task of manually entering information into iDz.

Users can also deploy intelligent metadata tagging, which helps move the content into the user’s environment. The Data Cap lets users seamlessly convert physical documents into digital information.

For Ravindra Singh, Director of Global Alliances at LTI, one of the biggest differences between iDz and other products is that many are delivered in a PowerPoint presentation format. However, iDz lives on the IBM Cloud and Cloud Pak for Automation instead, which makes it easy for the team to tweak the solution for a customized proof of concept.

Reducing rent on five million documents

LTI partnered with a large media and entertainment firm to digitize 5 million documents and then move file cabinets taking up expensive New York City real estate to a storage unit located outside the city. Revuru explained that on the rare occasion when an employee needed the actual physical copy, they could still retrieve it from the warehouse. Because the digital version usually provided whatever information was needed, employees saved significant time by accessing the digital documents.

Achieving PartnerWorld Build and Service Competencies

After the product launch, IBM PartnerWorld announced new Build and Service Competencies for active members of IBM PartnerWorld, which showcases technical proficiency and end customer success of Build and Service partners. Ganesamurthy says that because of the strategic nature of the iDz project, the team decided to leverage the solution to achieve the competencies to showcase their solution building skills.

Both the Service and Build Competencies require solutions to meet four requirements. They must:
• Develop a technically validated solution
• Meet requirements for education credentials
• Provide verified customer references for each competency
• Verify sales success based on revenue (at revalidation-1 year later)

LTI achieves PartnerWorld Build and Service Competencies

In January 2021, LTI became a Platinum IBM Business Partner by achieving both the Build and Service Competencies. LTI achieved the Build Banking & Financial Services Competency and Application Modernization Service Competency. With the newly earned competencies, LTI receives many benefits, including a Business Partner Spotlight on PartnerWorld, priority Business Partner Directory promotion, IBM technical validation, industry competency certificate and logo (BP Marks), Business Partner Blog spotlight, client success stories and press release review.

Ganesamurthy found the process to be straightforward. By completing the series of checklists, the team demonstrated their solution is technically validated, meets education credentials, achieves cus-tomer success and was successful from a sales perspective.

“We wanted to achieve the competencies to help reach out to more new customers and promote our brand in the IBM partner community,” says Ganesamurthy. “I am sure it will lead to more customer engagement. Just as importantly, the competencies and benefits motivate our team to create more IBM solutions.”

When asked what benefits LTI has seen from the competencies, Ganesamurthy said that he would not have been interviewed for this article without competency—which was already a great benefit. He shared that his team’s experience as an IBM Platinum Partner has been very positive, and he’s encouraged other teams to make achieving the competencies a goal.

“My view is that if you create a world-class solution, competency will happen, right?”

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