It is time! The next chapter in Business Partner and IBM Ecosystem Experience

By | 2 minute read | April 4, 2022

We’re entering the next chapter in the IBM Business Partner Ecosystem experience! The hard work and dedication of our joint teams  have resulted in this exciting moment. The enhancements to the IBM Partner Portal will be available to our Business Partners in the United States on Tuesday, April 12, 2022.

The IBM Partner Portal launch reminds me of a dynamic movie trailer. Deciding which movie to watch has a lot to do with the information in the trailer. Movie trailers are insightful because they give an idea about what to expect in the movie. The enhancements we are bringing to the IBM Partner Portal are just like movie trailers – they highlight the important aspects to focus on. The IBM Partner Portal provides a short course on how to get started with optimizing opportunity management, deal registration, and sales collaboration. I’d like to share what we’re accomplishing and give a glimpse into the future of Business Partner and IBM relationship. And make no mistake, it’s a very bright future!

First, I’d like to discuss changing behaviors. Changing behaviors can be a challenge, but that’s where our change-leading technology will help. For our sales community, it is reassuring to know we are bringing all IBM and partner tools together in one platform powered by Salesforce. An IBM Business Partner Sales Representative shared, “It will improve focus on deals and allow us to add updates to opportunities in the same portal.” The IBM Partner Portal is a major step forward to ensuring we eliminate duplication and save time – as a team. We can become even more effective and efficient in our processes to focus on generating more wins.

Second, it is imperative I address our efficiency and speed. Greater efficiency and speed depend on excellent planning and the right tools for the job. These are all considerations the IBM Partner Portal has embodied with features such as auto-pass, technical support, and quick access to resources. The more efficient and agile we can support our Business Partners in becoming, the greater the ambition of our IBM Sales team to match the pace.

Lastly, The IBM Partner Portal is enhancing our collaboration model with our Business Partner community and ensuring we work in tune, always. Collaboration functionalities like Chatter and ChatBot in the IBM Partner Portal are helping us make great progress towards jointly serving our clients. This is a process we can improve regardless of the stage an opportunity is in, on both IBM and partner sides. According to an IBM Business Partner Sales Representative, “Partner Portal has allowed us to accelerate collaboration and stay on the same page with our partners, including the ability to react fast to changes with the help of functionalities like Chatter.”

Through our collaboration, we can tell amazing stories about how we were able to build successful outcomes for our clients. For a glimpse at the positive impact the IBM Partner Portal is already driving to help shape these stories, I invite you to read David La Rose’s blog.

I encourage you all to explore more of these features and learn how we’re improving collaboration, efficiency, and speed on the IBM Partner Portal page.

Let’s create what’s next, together.