Inspiring innovation – These IBM Beacon Award-winning solutions are changing things for the better

By | 4 minute read | November 12, 2019

Twenty-one years ago, IBM ran its first Beacon Awards to celebrate its most innovative, forward-thinking Business Partners. Since then, the industry has transformed thanks to the commercial adoption of innovative technologies such as the cloud and artificial intelligence. And the 2019 IBM Beacon Awards were the most impressive yet.

The solutions you all submitted are downright inspiring. Every day you are helping businesses to thrive, discovering new ways for data to be more useful and providing us humans with a better quality of life. We’re impressed. And we hope that you’ll find this work as equally stirring. So take a moment and read about just a handful of the solutions that were among last year’s nominations .


In the average US city, there are only 53 physicians for every thousand people. And in rural areas, that number drops to 40. Cognizant, working with a large healthcare facility, set out to fix that using IBM technology. The result was a video-enabled telemedicine solution that enables doctors and patients to interact remotely. The healthcare provider used the system to increase patient access, cut urgent care visits and reduce physician burnout. Cognizant’s unique combination of IBM® Cloud™, IBM API Connect®, IBM WebSphere® and IBM Cloudant® solutions earned it a Beacon award for Outstanding Hybrid Cloud Solution and helped the healthcare system run more smoothly. 

Assimil8 Ltd.

Data volumes are growing at unbelievable rates, but how much of it is useful? Those gigabytes of information won’t help your business unless you can understand what they’re telling you. The problem is that all this data is scattered across your entire organization and getting a single view of it all is difficult. That’s because most companies are storing this information in multiple business intelligence (BI) systems collected by different departments over the years. Assimil8, the winner of the 2019 IBM Beacon Outstanding Analytics Embed Solution award, set out to solve this problem.

Assimil8 is an IT and software services company with a passion for data. It helps customers to unlock the value in their own business information using a product called Theia, backed by IBM Cloud, IBM Cognos® and IBM Planning Analytics technology.

Theia is a central insight hub. It takes data from myriad BI systems and provides a single 360-degree view across all of them. It enables companies to create powerful visualizations and reports encompassing all of their data, giving them an unprecedented level of actionable intelligence.


Cyberattacks are on the rise, and business technology infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex with more diverse moving parts. The result is a perfect cybersecurity storm. Many companies don’t have the time or the personnel to defend themselves against what’s coming.

Smarttech247, the winner of the 2019 IBM Beacon Outstanding Security Solution award, helps its customers meet this challenge. The business builds its 24×7 security monitoring service on IBM Watson® for Cybersecurity and the IBM QRadar security incident and event management (SIEM) platform, enabling Smarttech247 to offer its clients what human cybersecurity analysts alone cannot.

This security service integrates data from a range of disparate systems to provide an enterprise-wide view of a company’s technology infrastructure. It even gathers data from industrial control systems, which are notoriously difficult to monitor because they’re often based on older proprietary technology.

With this solution, Smarttech247 provides a “single pane of glass” view of data and underpins it with IBM Watson’s cognitive computing capabilities, which mines infrastructure incident data and applies powerful threat intelligence to identify emerging threats.

Not only does this bring a new level of protection to customers, but it also enables Smarttech247 to grow its business. AI-backed automation also lets it scale its service across very large networks, which means more sales to larger customers. 

Novatech Ltd.

When neuroscientists at a leading university wanted to use AI technology for early stroke diagnoses, they quickly ran up against a problem: they couldn’t consume data quickly enough. In particular, they worked with very large brain scan images, up to 100,000 pixels square, which created a data bottleneck.

System integrator Novatech could help thanks to its in-depth expertise and its use of IBM POWER® technology. Developed by IBM and specialist graphics chip company NVIDIA, NVLink is an interface that speeds up communication between the computer’s CPU chip and the specialist graphics chips that apply machine learning algorithms to the brain scans.  

This enabled the neuroscientists to use more data in their AI training, speeding up the deployment of their stroke diagnoses and treatment solution. It’s a technology outcome that has a significant and real-world impact on human lives. No wonder Novatech scooped up the 2019 IBM Beacon Outstanding Solution Driving Client Innovation and Transformation with IBM Power Systems award for its groundbreaking work.

Your turn

Telemedicine. Cybersecurity. AI-powered stroke diagnoses. These were only a handful of the solutions from 2019’s award-winners. And there are plenty more.

So do you think you have what it takes to walk away with an award of your own this year? Do you have a ground-breaking solution that is changing lives or revolutionizing how business is done? Or do you know someone who would be perfect for an award? We’d love to hear about it. Why not submit a nomination for next year?

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