IBM Systems helps you build the cloud you want – with the privacy and security you need

By and Eric Herzog | 5 minute read | September 12, 2019

Technology is a realm of creative destruction.

As each new innovation is dropped into the market, it creates ripples that influence, disrupt or completely erase what’s already out there. And in rare cases, neighboring technologies can seamlessly merge, revolutionizing an industry and changing how we manage business for years to come.

Recently, we noticed one of these confluences, with many of our clients expecting hybrid multicloud environments that seamlessly meshed with their existing enterprise systems. They want to be able to quickly and easily transfer information across architectures without worrying about performance slowdowns, access restrictions or putting their data at risk.

And we want to help make that expectation a reality.


Building momentum

Currently, more than 85% of enterprises around the world now operate in hybrid multicloud environments, and our research indicates that in the next few years, nearly every business will move its workloads into these types of architectures.1 At the same time, mainframe utilization continues to be strong, with IBM Z systems processing 30 billion transactions each day, including 87 percent of all credit card transactions on the planet.2

Based on these figures, it seems pretty clear where today’s currents are headed. If your customers aren’t already focused on building synergies between their enterprise systems and accompanying storage and cloud environments, they soon will be.

But while building these open architectures helps drive innovation and efficiency, sharing data across ecosystems doesn’t come without risk. In 2018 alone, 60 percent of businesses experienced a data breach caused by a third party.3 And the more connected your customer’s systems are, the greater damage a potential data breach could cause.

Today, IBM is announcing the launch of two new solutions – the IBM z15 server and IBM DS8900F storage system – designed to help navigate these trends. These offerings will empower you, our Business Partners, to deliver the increased performance, security, reliability and cost-efficiency your customers expect and need for their mission-critical hybrid multicloud environments. It’s the cloud you want, with the privacy and security that your clients need.

“Hybrid and multicloud architectures are becoming the new norm and are challenging enterprises with new requirements for secure data and trusted transactions,” explains Brian Bardinelli, Senior Director of Mainframe Solutions for IBM Business Partner Sirius Computer Solutions. “IBM Z offers the resiliency and data protection capabilities our clients demand from their enterprise systems.”


What’s new?


Focused on performance, protection and privacy, the newly launched IBM z15 servers will deliver enhanced security, service and scale for your cloud-ready infrastructure. Offering faster time to value, these systems are designed to elevate your delivery of hybrid cloud solutions by providing:

  • Seamless integration into hybrid multicloud, blockchain and AI
  • Greater performance, supporting up to 25 percent capacity growth and 25 percent more memory4
  • A resilient platform designed to deliver 99.99999% availability4
  • Instant recovery through new capabilities like system recovery boost technology, which accelerates recovery from planned and unplanned outages, returning you to production faster than previous models
  • Encryption everywhere with enhancements in security including Data Privacy Passports technology that can revoke access to data at any time, not only within the z15 environment but also across the entire hybrid multicloud environment
  • Cloud-native development simplifies life for your developers as they build new applications and modernize existing ones
  • A ready-to-deploy solution, boasting a standard 19″ frame with built-in synergies for IBM Systems Storage 

Luckily, we’re not the only organization that is excited by these new functions. “The z15 has a new feature called Data Privacy Passports to extend security coverage outside the system,” adds Rob Davis, Business Development Director at IBM Business Partner TES Enterprise Solutions Ltd.  “This is a game changer. Clients can choose who accesses data, and when and at what level to revoke their access. It’s designed to protect one hundred percent of their Z data, at-rest and in-flight, with no performance trade off or application changes.”

IBM Storage

Replacing our existing DS8800 line, the new DS8900F family offers an all-flash storage solution that consolidates mission-critical workloads across multiple platforms. “As cloud becomes pervasive, and mission-critical mainframe applications remain popular, these two technologies will need to inter-operate more often,” notes Ray Lucchesi, President/Founder of SilvertonConsulting. “Today’s announcement of a new mainframe-focused, hybrid cloud-enabled DS8900 product line shows that IBM endorses these trends and is providing market-leading solutions.”

As part of that leadership, these offerings will help facilitate hardened security, infrastructure simplification and streamlined replication throughout the cloud thanks to several advantages, including:

  • Unique technology that restricts data access to only authorized servers and storage devices that encrypts data
  • Safeguarded copy helps prevent data from being modified or deleted due to user errors, malicious destruction or ransomware attacks
  • High-performance data access with storage latencies as low as 18 microseconds, a 60 percent increase in random IOPS
  • More than “seven 9’s” availability and multi-site data replication for disaster recovery6
  • Transparent Cloud Tiering that allows organizations to introduce hybrid cloud as a new storage tier for archiving, long term retention and data protection

As your clients continue to demand more, you will need to provide more. These system and storage innovations are revolutionizing the industry and creating ripples that will disrupt and energize business for years to come. Working together, we’ll be able to help your clients build with confidence and ride the waves of innovation.

If you’d like to learn more about how these new offerings can help your clients bring their enterprise and cloud infrastructure closer together in a security-rich environment, invite them to join our launch webcast. You can also read more about our new IBM Z and DS8900 offerings on the IBM PartnerWorld announcement page or watch the launch video. If you have any questions, please reach out to your local IBM team.

We look forward to joining you on the launch webcast.

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2 IBM: 2018 Annual Report
3 Ponemon Institute: The 2019 Study on the Cyber Resilient Organization, April 2019
4 IBM z15 Announcement Letter:
5 Performance metrics based on internal IBM tests in a controlled environment. Comparisons between 868 vs 540 IOPS provided by the previous generation reflect a 60% improvement in performance.
6 Better than seven 9’s availability (99.999996%) with HyperSwap and multi-target PPRC in MGM environments.