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By | 3 minute read | August 3, 2021

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When I speak to storage users about their transformation journey to a hybrid environment, the conversation often comes around to the challenge of maintaining cyber security while juggling a tight budget. It boils down to the need for resilience, security and flexibility in a world with escalating cyber attacks. In Fortune magazine’s annual survey of the 500 top leaders, Cybersecurity risk was chosen as the chief concern this year by two-thirds of responding CEOs1. While attacks can’t be avoided, data can be protected and flexibility ensured. As TechTarget notes, IBM is addressing these concerns head on with a shield of storage offerings to guard against attacks:

“IBM turned its FlashSystem focus to two hot areas in enterprise storage with new as-a-service options that let customers add on-premises infrastructure the way they do in the public cloud and data protection capabilities to guard against cyberattacks.” TechTarget2

Let’s start with the latest enhancements to our IBM FlashSystem portfolio. We launched IBM Safeguarded Copy for the IBM FlashSystem family3 of all-flash storage arrays and the SAN Volume Controller (SVC) to give organizations advanced data protection and the ability to quickly recover from attacks. Customers can recover their data from the last valid safeguarded copy prior to the breach in the event of data loss, a breach, malicious activity, or any other disruption. Forbes Magazine is very enthusiastic about the peace of mind provided by the technology:

The core idea behind IBM’s Safeguarded Copy is to achieve the same benefit as having an air-gapped copy of your data by making a snapshot immutable, meaning an application can’t modify the data, and build the right level of access controls into that immutable snapshot. This allows for the flexibility of online snapshots but with the peace of mind that only air-gapped backups could previously deliver.
Forbes Magazine4

In addition, it’s easier than ever to deliver the combined data resilience capabilities of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus and IBM FlashSystem. When customers buy an IBM FlashSystem entry model (5015, 5035, or 5200), you can offer them IBM Spectrum Protect Plus to protect the entire array regardless of capacity. The complete solution can be ordered on the AAS system.

We have all observed the emergence of the experience economy freeing us to consume anything from movies to car-sharing, paid in the moment. In fact, 44% of customers are looking for usage-based pricing or subscription model in the next 3 years as per the IBM CP&I Buyer Behavior Study5. To meet this need, IBM is delivering the Storage as a Service (STaaS) consumption model in North America and Europe, extending the hybrid cloud experience with a pay-as-you-go cloud-like flexible consumption model enabled for your customers’ on-premises and hybrid cloud infrastructure needs. Customers can dynamically scale up or down beyond a base capacity with no need to plan for storage procurement cycles. The flexibility that can be afforded by our fully OPEX pricing model can’t be underestimated:

Traditionally the consumption model for IT infrastructure has been based on CAPEX. But with the changes started in the software world several years ago, our customers are looking for the agility, flexibility, and reliability of a cloud-like OPEX pay as you go model of consuming IT infrastructure. IBM’s announcement for Storage-as-a-Service makes that vision a reality for our customers with pricing that is lower than using cloud storage. At the same time they get the OPEX model, IBM Storage-as-a-Service delivers the right features they need for their applications and workloads around performance, cyber/data resilience, and availability.
Rob Davis, Managing Director, TES Enterprise Solutions

Provide your customers the tools they need to help win the battle against cyber attacks with IBM Storage offerings designed to make IT resilient, secure and flexible.

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