IBM Storage: A Lighthouse for Data Solutions

By | 3 minute read | July 9, 2019

One thing is certain, there is no shortage of data in the world and IBM Storage wants to be sure our partners are set with the right solutions to capitalize on those data opportunities. Did you know that the number of organizations with a petabyte or more of unstructured data has tripled in the past few years? Not only are they adrift in their oceans of data, but 66% of that information remains inaccessible and unusable (1). IBM wants to be the lighthouse that gives your clients and prospects the ability to not only manage masses of data at a reasonable cost, but also turn it into actionable insights to help grow their business. And, of course, they need to manage all this data in hybrid multi-cloud environments, and with the security and peace of mind made possible by modern data protection.

That’s why we are enhancing our IBM Storage for AI and Big Data and Modern Data Protection portfolios to handle more data sources and data types, expanding your clients’ and prospects’ abilities to leverage IBM Cloud Object Storage, and driving more solutions for hybrid multi-cloud all flash arrays.
Much of this proliferating data is unstructured, bringing its own set of issues and challenges. Enter IBM Spectrum Discover, with the capability to provide clarity and insight into exabyte-scale unstructured data. Now IBM Spectrum Discover is extending support for heterogeneous environments with new data connectors for Dell EMC Isilon, NetApp, Amazon S3, and Ceph. This means your clients and prospects will gain insights into a broader universe of file and object data, both on-prem and in the cloud. At the same time, giving you a new revenue and margin opportunity for non-IBM data sources.

We have also launched a new generation of IBM Cloud Object Storage, aptly called “Gen2”. Designed for the next generation of efficient big data secondary storage and AI enabled workloads, the IBM Cloud Object Storage Gen 2 is up to 25% faster and 37% less expensive than its predecessor a year ago. Furthermore, Gen 2 scales in a mixed environment with all the previous versions of IBM COS without painful upgrades. Clients can use IBM COS Gen 2 to manage oceans of data at greater efficiency, greater deployment flexibility, and lower cost. Better performance, better density, and lower cost with the new generation of IBM Cloud Object Storage sounds like a great partner opportunity.

As clients move to hybrid multi-cloud environments, data protection needs to evolve to support these environments. In fact, recent research shows that 67% of organizations use public cloud services in their data protection environment (2). IBM Spectrum Protect Plus is now available on Amazon Web Services, offering unified management for on-prem and cloud workloads hosted on AWS. Clients can manage backup, recovery and data re-use for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Db2, and MongoDB databases running on AWS or on-prem, from a single pane of glass.  

Lastly, IBM Storage is announcing a new VersaStack converged infrastructure solution for your clients and prospects hybrid multi-cloud deployments. Based on the award-winning and NVMe enabled Flashsystem 9100, our new VersaStack delivers unparalleled all flash performance, the best all flash array density in the industry, and the best cyber resilient flash on the market today with the ability to seamlessly move data back and forth from on-premises to cloud configurations across multiple cloud providers.
I’m certain you’ll agree these are ground breaking announcements that bring storage into the exabyte future together with the very best modern data protection and hybrid cloud support. I invite you to attend the launch webinar together with your clients on July 10 at 10am EDT. For an overview of the announcement from a sales perspective, watch the replay of the seller education so you and your sales teams are ready to go after these new business opportunities provided by IBM Storage. And read my public blog for the full details of how IBM is driving innovation in storage for AI and big data, modern data protection and hybrid multi-cloud.

Let’s work together to offer clients these world class IBM Storage solutions!

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