The IBM Security App Exchange: The combined security intelligence of the world’s leading experts

By | 2 minute read | February 20, 2019

Everybody knows that IT security is complicated. As threats become more sophisticated and IT grows more pervasive, the cost of data breaches continues to escalate. Having the right security tools is just part of the issue. Being able to get meaningful data out of those tools in time to minimize impact on the organization is just as critical.

Response times to security breaches are often hampered by having to locate a breach among the multitude of tools, reports and processes available. The technical ability to combat security threats is, for some enterprises, not the challenge; navigating to the solution is the challenge.

The IBM Security App Exchange offers a collaborative approach that brings clients, developers and partners of the IBM Security portfolio together to address the challenge of enterprise security.

Think of it as a universal remote control for enterprise security. Instead of utilizing multiple products independently, this collaborative approach brings these technologies together, correlating related security events, information and context to enable security administrators to recognize and respond to security alerts faster and in a more informed way.

The IBM Security App Exchange is an ecosystem of security practitioners collaborating on making enterprise apps more powerful. Members share applications, enhancements, add-on features, and content packs from the entire IBM Security product portfolio. For users, that means a rich set of solutions that are constantly being enhanced and extended by IBM and our ecosystem partners.

One glance at the IBM Security App Exchange dashboard reveals over 200 partner solutions that bring IBM technology and our partners’ intellectual property together to solve the particular problems of clients across every industry. By engaging with users and experts in our forums, blogs and social media, partners can identify potential new solutions and then develop, test and market them right there on the site.

The IBM Security App Exchange is also a centralized Security intelligence hub where members can share and discuss the latest intelligence on threat identification and prevention and, crucially, enhance, develop and market solutions to those threats within the IBM Security Intelligence Platform.

The important thing to remember about security is that it affects every business—large or small. The threats may vary in scale, but they all come down to a simple fact—there are parties who want what you’ve got. By bringing the best minds in the security community to one place to address those threats, we are able to tackle enterprise security from every angle.

Join the IBM Security App Exchange, and help your clients overcome their security challenges.


Russell Warren
Program Manager – Security Intelligence Technology Alliances

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