IBM Partner Marketplaces: New name. New opportunities.

By | 3 minute read | February 6, 2020

We live in a digital world where simple access and real-time delivery is the norm.

Just this past Thanksgiving, my wife and I received word only two days before the holiday that we would have two additional families joining us for dinner. We had to scramble — we needed more food, more drinks and even more tablespace to accommodate everyone for the meal.

With a few clicks on the Fresh Direct website, we had the food and drinks covered, ordering more mashed potatoes and wine. And thanks to another popular shopping site, we had an additional folding table delivered to our house in less than 24 hours.

The holiday went smoothly. Everything arrived just in time, and ordering was incredibly easy — I did it all from the comfort of my kitchen.

Not surprisingly, our clients and partners are beginning to expect this same fast, digital experience in the business world. Just like consumers, companies like convenience. They like real-time availability. And they love attractive pricing.

In fact, according to IDC Chief Analyst Frank Gens, the digital economy is finally here, and what it will take to compete in that economy is becoming crystal clear. By 2023, IDC’s view is that the global economy will reach “digital supremacy” — the point at which products and services from digitally transformed enterprises will account for over half of global GDP. And those not able to compete in the “digitally powered” portion of the economy will likely begin to struggle as they watch their core markets shrink.

Getting a bit hyper

In the same report, Gens also noted: “Our 2020 predictions show enterprises will get ready for the digitized economy by accelerating investments in key technologies and new operating models to become hyperspeed, hyperscaled and hyperconnected.”

And one of those new operating models is the use of digital marketplaces to create an improved and simplified experience when securing IT solutions. That’s why we’ve worked with you, our Business Partners, to create a thriving ecosystem of solutions that are designed to empower our customers to make the leap into XaaS-based consumption models.

Applying to become an IBM Cloud Marketplace Reseller is the lowest barrier to entry as an IBM Business Partner. Partners benefit from fast, frictionless delivery of technology working through their preferred Cloud Aggregator’s marketplace and a lower cost of doing business. And we’ve recently improved our own IBM Partner Marketplaces strategy to benefit you.

What’s in a name?

It’s a new year and we’re ringing it in with a new name.

IBM has rebranded “Third-Party Marketplace” to “IBM Partner Marketplaces” to better address the collaborative and critical role the IBM Partner Ecosystem plays in the active sales engagement of IBM offerings with clients around the globe. 

By focusing on a few key offerings in 2019 — like IBM® MaaS360®, IBM Cloud® and IBM SPSS® — our partner marketplaces initiative emerged as one of IBM’s fastest growing indirect channels.

Thank you! Now it’s time to accelerate at scale.

We’re committed to transforming to digital distribution as the primary delivery model for transacting with partners and clients. And we believe this transformation will help us mutually drive game-changing revenue and profitability in three ways:

  • Boosting revenue from reach
  • Increasing revenue from reduced churn
  • Cutting cost to serve

To expedite this transformation, we’re investing to enable more digital offerings on the platform at a faster rate. In the next few months, watch for IBM Aspera®, IBM Cognos® Analytics on Cloud, IBM Watson® Media and more.  Equally important, we’re bolstering our go to market support for partner marketplaces by:

  • Curating relevant sales enablement assets into IBM Partner Marketplaces Activation Kits that are available via Seismic
  • Launching a series of educational webinars
  • Making active Cloud Marketplace Resellers eligible for Co-Marketing funds
  • Offering access to prebuilt demand generation campaigns and assets via the My Digital Marketing tool
  • Creating new marks to identify IBM Partner Marketplaces’ partners

Selling digital offerings through IBM Partner Marketplace is the easiest, fastest way to accelerate your clients’ digital transformation. Any IBM Business Partner, no matter your business model, can apply to become an IBM Cloud Marketplace Reseller in just minutes. And you can visit PartnerWorld for information on how to get started selling.

With a focused, digitally enabled product portfolio, go to market support and an ecosystem that drives IBM Cloud and software consumption, we are positioned to win in the market. I am excited for the success we will drive together in 2020.

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