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By | 3 minute read | March 19, 2020

Listening to feedback is a critical component to delivering quality customer service. Every company is staffed by human employees. And people are inherently fallible. As a result, no business gets it right every time.

In fact, what often distinguishes a beloved brand or a favorite provider is the steps these companies take when everything doesn’t go smoothly. When an organization truly listens and cares about what their customers have to say.

And that concern can extend beyond customers. After all, that’s why we instituted our IBM Compass Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey program. Your participation in these surveys helps us to enhance our Partner Ecosystem and focus on the issues that truly matter to you.

This important program gives a voice to all of our valued Business Partners. And in 2020, we will be adding more touchpoints to hear additional and varied new voices from key segments of the Business Partner Ecosystem.

We read your feedback, every time  

We value every piece of feedback and insight that you provide in these NPS surveys. And those survey results fuel our transformation initiatives in the Ecosystem, both at a global level and a local level. We identify, analyze and prioritize your concerns — mapping them to common themes and action items — which helps us to ensure that we’re focusing on what you, our Business Partners, need.

We are dedicated to delivering an exceptional partner experience — an exceptional client experience — to you.

A BPSuccess Story

This month starts our practice of sharing Best Promoter Business Partner (BP2) stories to give you insight into their experiences with IBM and their active participation in our NPS survey program. Hopefully these stories will allow you to explore how you can get more out of our partnership.

In November of 2018, IBM received an Opportunity Creation Moment of Truth survey response from IBM Business Partner Gulf Business Machines L.L.C. (GBM). In the survey, GBM gave us feedback around responsiveness and solutions quality, particularly regarding the completeness of product classifications in the Software Value Incentive (SVI) Eligible Part Numbers list in the My Sales Activity (MySA) tool.

Put simply, the partner was struggling to apply for an incentive because not all of the appropriate products were listed in the application tool.

We engaged with GBM quickly to close the loop. The IBM team walked GBM through the steps to submit a large and complex deal in the MySA tool. In parallel, we updated and verified the Channel Value Reward (CVR) eligible products list in MySA to help ensure that a similar issue wouldn’t arise again in the future.

Real feedback, real results

Based on the success of this interaction, GBM is now an enthusiastic advocate of both the NPS program and IBM’s support, frequently giving feedback in every survey that they receive!

In the intervening surveys, Quinn Carlo, Software Operations Administrator for Digital Business Solutions at GBM, has stated: “Amazing and incredibly swift service from the SVI PRM Team. Keep up the great work and kudos to you guys!” And in a later survey added: “IBM is already amazing! All you have to do is just to maintain the quality of service and swift assistance.”

And with this steady stream of communication, we can build a strong partnership together. Altogether, by participating in the NPS survey program, GBM has benefited from:

Improved partner experience:
The closer collaboration with the partner has led to better-targeted support and higher satisfaction, as reflected in their survey responses and feedback from throughout 2019.

Removed barriers:
GBM was able to continue working without interruption based on the guidance from the SVI program management team.

Simplified transformation:
With the partner feedback, IBM not only drove improvements for the MySA tool but also outlined future enhancements for the offering and planned ongoing transformation projects that will benefit GBM along with many other Business Partners.

Check out more on our The Voice of the Business Partner PartnerWorld Success stories page, and be on the lookout for our monthly “You spoke, We listened and Acted” articles in the PartnerWorld weekly newsflash.

Your feedback is our fuel for a change. Let us know how we are doing in the next survey you receive. And stay tuned for more real-life stories of our interactions!

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