IBM Management and Platform: Build for the future, thrive in the present

By | 3 minute read | July 23, 2019

We live in the future. Everywhere we turn, we’re bombarded with the latest technologies. We carry phones in our pockets with more processing power than we used to reach to the moon. We have cars that can drive themselves. And clouds no longer hang in the sky but host our data and run our everyday lives.

Now imagine that you’re a business trying to compete in this “futuristic” market. Being seen as an innovator can mean the difference between success and failure. Between expanding to new locations or closing your doors forever.

For your company to thrive, you need to take that next step into modernization. But as you take that step – as you move your applications and infrastructure into the cloud – complexity becomes an increasing challenge. And every change, every new innovation presents new costs. At the same time, existing assets still need to be leveraged, and critical business applications cannot be interrupted.

All of these competing demands place increased strain on the modern business. Luckily, many of our Business Partners have stepped in to help. And alongside our partners, IBM has updated its IBM Management and Platform portfolio, refocusing our offerings to support these emerging challenges.

Future tech

One of the key themes of this portfolio update has been application modernization – the transition of existing software to new approaches on the cloud. But rewriting your entire estate can be a long road, and modernization comes in many flavors. IBM’s skills, tooling (Transformation Advisor) and experience in middleware provide unique insights and can provide guidance to modernize an existing environment with speed, confidence and reduced risk.

To help businesses modernize – and to help our partners accelerate this journey to the cloud – we’ve made a significant new investment in IBM® Cloud Paks™. The IBM Cloud Pak for Applications solution is built to help customers quickly and securely accelerate their journey with an end-to-end tool that incorporates agile development processes and offers greater visibility across hybrid environments.

We’ve also added the IBM Mobile Foundation offering (previously known as IBM MobileFirst Platform) to our portfolio. Every client needs a mobile solution, and the Mobile Foundation solution is a critical infrastructure component for enterprise clients. The latest release is resonating in the market as businesses rely more on mobile applications and also, extends our application modernization story. Share the recent client webinar replay and start the conversation to drive more services with Mobile Foundation!

Control issues

At the same time, every business needs to be able to manage its increasingly complex environment as it moves to cloud-based solutions, which are often hosted across many vendors. Effective multicloud management, in turn, can deliver a unified management experience across the entire enterprise. And the new IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management  offers consistent delivery for event management, application and infrastructure management and multi-cluster management. This consistent experience covers wherever applications reside – on-premises, in the cloud, at the edge – or anywhere in between.

We’ve also updated our IBM Netcool® Operations Insight offering to V1.6. This new iteration continues to deliver innovations for IT and network operations teams to manage local, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. Learn more about it here and then share the value proposition with your customers to build new services streams.

And to make it easier for our clients and partners to progress on their cloud journeys, we’ve put together updated sales kits and sales plays focused on the themes of modernization and multicloud management.

We also plan to deliver further updates and resources later this year, but until then, you might check out these webinars:

Finally, we’ve recently combined the expertise of our Digital Technical Enablement and Worldwide Channel Technical teams to provide technical support as needed for Business Partner opportunities. This joint effort helps expand pre-sales deal support to accelerate and close your deals. If you’d like to request assistance, reach out to your IBM Partner Sales Managers (PSMs) who can submit a pre-sales request through the Pathway system. These requests then reach Digital Technical Enablement resources for both remote and on-site support!

Work with your Partner Sales Manager to build second half 2019 plans. My team and I look forward to working with you in 3Q and accelerating our joint success in 2019!