IBM LinuxONE for a greener IT with security and scale

By | 3 minute read | September 20, 2022

On September 13, 2022, I had the pleasure of unveiling the IBM LinuxONE Emperor 4 at the Open Source Summit in Dublin, Ireland, giving IBM Ecosystem Business Partners and clients a premium alternative for Linux data serving to businesses who want to modernize their IT with premium services, speed, agility, and security on a path to meet their sustainability goals.

The three hallmarks of this new server – sustainability, security, and scalability – have never been more in demand. It’s what clients need at the time when they need it most.

This next generation LinuxONE system is designed to take front seat, as clients tackle sustainability challenges with the same intensity as profits, product development, and investment strategies.  IT decisions which have historically been made on value, security, and performance, now include critical social factors such as environmental impact, energy usage, and carbon footprint. All which feed into business sustainability plans, a greener IT and social responsibility.

It’s no surprise that sustainability is particularly appealing to start-up and next generation businesses and many other players who have a keen focus on a greener world. We have seen more LinuxONE startup wins this quarter than ever before.  Cognition Foundry, an IBM Business Partner in the UK, shares this strategy with their own clients, many of whom are new, smaller companies making big impacts through their own contribution to a cleaner, and more responsible world.  Cognition Foundry has provided a thorough overview on how startups tackle big challenges with LinuxONE. It’s not just start-ups, but global businesses of all sizes are striving to increase social responsibility. It’s becoming the new norm, as companies work towards a sustainable IT strategy, while maintaining a laser focus on performance, security, and scale.

With sustainability at the forefront of the business agenda, our Ecosystem of partners can tap into a new pool of opportunities, with the green value of LinuxONE providing yet another opportunity to get in touch with clients. Although businesses are aligning to socially responsible ideologies, the pace is slower when it comes to taking action. An IBM IBV study (1) uncovered that “while 86% of companies have a sustainability strategy, only 35% have acted on them”. Now is the ideal time to open this conversation with your clients.  Together with LinuxONE, you can work to close the gap and help propel them towards greener IT.

The opportunity for software partners is immeasurable.   It’s a competitive market for you, too.  You want a system that is easy to operate, uses common standards and leverages modern cloud native tools so you can focus on delivering services to your own clients.  To put it simply, LinuxONE can often make your clients’ applications perform better, improve SLAs, increase security, and provide scalability you have not yet imagined. Explore how the LinuxONE Partner Network can help bring your software solutions to market with LinuxONE, and discover how clients and partners are using the LinuxONE platform to deliver transformation today. You don’t want to be left behind!

The savings in energy consumption, data center footprint, and CO2e footprint when using this new LinuxONE server compared to x86 servers will be a significant game-changer for many. Couple this with the unmatched performance, security and reliability and you have a powerful catalyst for disruption. Let’s spread the word and show the world what LinuxONE can do.

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