Match-making (and networking) at a whole new level

By | 3 minute read | January 17, 2019

By now, you likely know we’re just four weeks away from PartnerWorld at Think and Think 2019 in San Francisco, California (my home town!)—the single biggest networking opportunity of the year for IBM, our Business Partners and clients.

But what you may not know is that we will take networking to a whole new level, making this the biggest and most valuable networking event of the year for Business Partners.

How? After five months of testing, and based on the insights and input from over 700 Business Partners during the early adopter pilot of what was called IBM Partner to Partner Connect, we are thrilled to launch the official and newly named IBM Business Partner Connect.

A variety of activities will take place at Think to showcase this exciting ability to match Business Partners looking to capitalize on opportunities. The activities will give you many more ways to meet members of the IBM Partner Ecosystem who possess complementary capabilities and intellectual property.

If you’re going to be at PartnerWorld at Think and you’re enrolled in the IBM Business Partner Connect program, you can take advantage of one of the following great opportunities in addition to what PartnerWorld already offers.

  • PartnerWorld main tent: Don’t miss John Teltsch sharing the new features of the Business Partner Connect platform—it’s the official unveiling!
  • Building Your Own Value Ecosystem: Attend the single biggest networking session at Think on Tuesday, February 12 at 11:00 AM in the Think Park on Howard Street. This session is going to be great to see, and it offers an excellent opportunity for you to be seen as a key solution creator in the IBM Ecosystem. And be sure you find me—I’m good for a few recommendations on where to have fun in the Bay Area.
  • Exclusive private meeting rooms: Use the same meeting scheduler you use to book meetings with IBM executives to book a private room in the BP Café, reserved just for BP Connect members. Booking a private room will allow you to more confidently plan your networking strategy in advance of the conference.
  • IBM Business Partner Connect: Test-drive the new capability at the Smart Bar in the BP Café. We promised you an instant matching tool, and you’ll get that and a lot more with the new Business Partner Connect platform, which features matching powered by Watson, three established communities of interest and an interactive forum.
  • Partnering best practices: Are you unsure how to work through the IBM ecosystem? Come check out our theater presentation or simply talk to one of our SMEs in the BP Café. We don’t want them to get lonely, and they’re always good for a partner story or two. In all seriousness, we have about 100 years of partnering experience to share at each session, and it’s all ready for you.

Not a member of the IBM Business Partner Connect initiative yet? I encourage you to consider joining now to maximize your networking activities at Think. Just enroll and we’ll get started with finding your matches. If you’d rather wait until you get to the conference, that’s OK too. We’ll have the team ready in the BP Café to help you enroll.

Whether you’re interested in finding partners to team up with on a specific deal or to explore new business opportunities, we’re here to help you find that perfect match. So many options for you to choose from at PartnerWorld are available this year, so be sure to join us. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Jamie Mendez (@JAMENDEZ11)
Director, Channel Marketing, IBM

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