How Wipro transforms client applications using the IBM Cloud

By | 3 minute read | August 12, 2020

Across the world, thousands of companies are realizing the power of the cloud. For most of them, though, the journey to a cloud-native business can be daunting. Their critical business processes are tied up in legacy software and unlocking and transforming them for the cloud is one of the most pressing modern computing challenges.

As a company that built its reputation in the mainframe business before embracing hybrid cloud solutions, Wipro is well positioned to help companies make that transition. Its new service and software-based solutions offer smooth migration and operations based on the best industry practices for companies moving their legacy applications to the cloud. This, together with its showcase IBM cloud solutions center in Bangalore, helped it earn the 2020 IBM Beacon Award for Best IBM Hybrid Multicloud Practice.

Now a Platinum Business Partner, Wipro has spent over two decades crafting close bonds with IBM and tracking its rapidly evolving technology. Wipro embeds its IP around IBM software and infrastructure services, working with IBM Labs to help perfect the integration with its platform.

This year, Wipro launched two new solutions that help its clients turn legacy software into efficient, highly functional cloud-native applications.

The first solution, ModernizR, uses artificial intelligence to mine and analyze a customer’s legacy applications and data. It uses the resulting insights to assess the migration risk and recommends migration strategies, employing automation to help software developers re-engineer the application. It also helps clients build a competent DevOps capability from scratch by injecting probes into the new cloud-native application that monitors its health.

ModernizR can run in private, hybrid or public cloud environments. It is built on Red Hat OpenShift, a key technology in Wipro’s cloud migration and operations portfolio. The company has attained Premier Partner status with Red Hat, which is the highest available tier.

A hybrid cloud future

“We truly believe that the world is going to be hybrid cloud and multicloud, which is very similar to IBM’s thinking,” says Ramesh Nagarajan, Senior Vice President-Cloud Services at Wipro.

Cloud computing helps clients release valuable capital to cope with short-term challenges;  Nagarajan adds that hybrid cloud technology gives them unprecedented innovation capabilities. They can use it to assemble applications from easily consumed API-based services, shortening their time to market.

Wipro’s cloud-based work with IBM also supports another big trend: edge-based computing. “With the advent of 5G, you can conduct small, low-latency actions at the edge and then use the power of the cloud technologies for the larger decisions,” he says. Those more significant cloud decisions include analytics that help companies refine their supply chains during difficult, disruptive times.

This is where another critical component of Wipro’s work with IBM comes in: the Boundaryless Enterprise (BLE). BLE is a hybrid cloud management platform designed to offer a range of cloud technologies in a single integrated environment that supports customers wherever they want to run their cloud-native applications. It supports containers, IaaS, and PaaS computing models and integrates IBM’s Cloud Pak products.

“IBM’s strategy fits Wipro’s BLE solution very well,” explains Nagarajan. “IBM supports public, private and third-party clouds on the infrastructure side, meaning that whatever cloud the client wants to use and however they want to move back and forth across the cloud, we can support them with Wipro’s Boundaryless Enterprise Platform.”

Using these solutions in conjunction with the IBM Cloud, Wipro has implemented application modernization initiatives at banks in the UK and Europe, helping eliminate costly legacy technologies while preparing them for open banking APIs. It also transformed legacy applications for cloud environments for a global telecommunications customer, enabling it to create new revenue channels using API integration.

A showcase for cloud innovation

To bring the innovations together and help clients design and shape their cloud transformation, Wipro and IBM jointly developed an innovation center called the Wipro IBM Novus Lounge in Bangalore.

Part showcase and part innovation lab, Novus Lounge seats 130 cloud professionals supporting Wipro’s hybrid cloud partnership with IBM, offering the best software-defined infrastructure management expertise.

The Bangalore-based facility helps Wipro accelerate its clients’ cloud transformations, helping speed up their initiatives fivefold on average, while cutting costs by up to 30% and empowers for nearly three times faster business acceptance.

2020 IBM Beacon Award for Best IBM Hybrid Multicloud Practice

Wipro’s Beacon Award is the culmination of a long and fruitful partnership with IBM. Who knows what the two companies can achieve over the next two decades?

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