AI benefits are within the reach of every business: Help your clients get started with the IBM Power Systems AI Starter Kit

By and | 2 minute read | April 17, 2019

AI Starter kit

Since artificial intelligence (AI) is so new, your clients may be struggling with how to get started. Your challenge is to provide guidance on the right infrastructure for them to start with.

AI is practical for every business. It is not science fiction or a technology accessible only to the largest corporations. Every business should be looking for ways to leverage its data to deliver value.

Avoid false starts

In a recent IBM webcast, Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Mike Gualtieri said, “Great ideas emerge from a rogue, and that requires collaboration and shared infrastructure. If AI is strategic for the enterprise, even at early stages, then putting the right shared AI infrastructure in place will accelerate time to value.”

Given the importance of a secure, reliable and scalable IT Infrastructure, we have created an AI starter kit for you to help your clients begin with the right infrastructure for AI and put their initial ideas and models into productive use.

Simplify the decisions required to start exploring AI

IBM Power Systems AI Starter Kit is a defined configuration of hardware and software that can be the perfect starting point for most clients. The kit contains the following hardware, software and services components.

Hardware optimized for AI model development and training:

Software designed for the Data Scientist: Watson Machine Learning Accelerator

Operating System: RHEL 7.6

Services: IBM Systems Lab services to accelerate time to value

While designing the kit, we kept in mind the diverse needs of the users. How can we help them strengthen their requirements?

IT leaders want the ability to scale without fail using the same architecture that powers the world’s fastest supercomputer and the security and reliability to meet business demands with infrastructure that lives in existing data centers.

Business leaders appreciate infrastructure that adapts and adjusts to their changing business priorities and provides efficiency across the organization by focusing their AI practice on one tool chain.

Data scientists expect open source frameworks they know, higher model accuracy without limiting their models or data to fit the infrastructure they have and faster time to results with hyper-parameter optimization built in.

Now, to help you leverage this new offering, check out the AI Starter Kit folder in IBM SmartSeller. You can access a seller presentation that has all of the technical and ordering details, client presentation to use when selling and FAQ document to answer the most common questions.

You can also customize and share with your clients the AI Starter Kit flyer for an easy start. In addition to these sales resources, you can reach out to our IBM Cognitive Systems Solutions Center (CSSC) for any questions and help you need.

The AI Starter Kit provides IBM and our Business Partners with an easy initial solution to begin building productive AI/machine learning (ML) models on IBM Power Systems infrastructure.

Let’s continue working together to bring the best value to our mutual clients. The AI era is here for Business Partners like you!


Todd G. Grube
Worldwide – Vice President – IBM Partner Ecosystem – Cognitive Systems

Nick Werstiuk
Worldwide – Director Offering Management – Cognitive Systems