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By | 3 minute read | September 23, 2019

The relationship between Sogeti and IBM goes back many years. Here in Luxembourg, Sogeti has a particular track record in providing advanced security solutions to our clients, based around our Security Operations Center (SOC) solution, that help them uncover and tackle advanced persistent threats. In the SOC, IBM Security Services staff works alongside Sogeti to help protect our joint clients.

But my own experience with Sogeti is rather different. I originally joined IBM as a graduate, back in 2006. For the first twelve years of my career at IBM, I specialized in technical infrastructure projects. In early 2018, I was considering the next phase of my career when I learned about IBM’s Champions for Growth program.

Stronger partnerships

Champions for Growth gives experienced IBMers the opportunity to work at an IBM Business Partner for a fixed period of time, to broaden their own capabilities while at the same time enabling the partner to expand its ability to get the most out of its relationship with IBM and our portfolio. This Europe-wide program is designed to strengthen relationships across our partner ecosystem, enabling partners to get unparalleled access to the skills they need to grow their business with IBM. Simultaneously, IBMers gain a deeper understanding of how business partnership works on a day-to-day basis.

Because of the particular strength in our alliance around the SOC in Luxembourg, Sogeti seemed like an ideal fit for my interests and skills. I began working here in February 2018 on a two-year contract, initially to work on pre-sales for security solutions, notably IBM® QRadar®, but also for Sogeti’s entire range of security offerings. Since then, I have expanded my role into customer service management for Sogeti’s SOC accounts.

Joint value

It has been remarkable for me, going beyond the IBM view of the market to experience – and to have a real impact on – how our solutions are sold to end-clients through our ecosystem and how end customers get the most value out of them. And it’s an experience that has been as much to Sogeti’s and IBM’s benefit as to my own.

Experienced security practitioners are hard to come by in today’s market, and for Sogeti, having an IBM security specialist join their own team means they now have a level of expertise with IBM’s portfolio and way of doing business that simply wouldn’t be available elsewhere. For Sogeti’s clients, I am able to bring a level of assurance that they are getting the most out of their technology investment.

The security landscape is large and complex and my experience at Sogeti means that for IBM, I am bringing real-world insights on how the portfolio is being sold and used. And from a wider perspective, my experience demonstrates how the security services landscape beyond the IBM portfolio is evolving.

For me, personally, Champions for Growth has been a hugely positive experience. While helping Sogeti grow their security business, being part of a smaller, customer facing team has enabled me to grow my skill set into areas like customer service and security audit. But more importantly, working as part of IBM’s ecosystem has shown me how IBM and our Business Partners combine to deliver more than either could do on their own.

It’s rare that you find a single program that can deliver so many advantages to so many different parties. If you’re a Business Partner who want to grow your business and strengthen your relationship with IBM, you should consider participating in the Champions for Growth program. And if you’re an IBMer considering Champions for Growth as your next career move, I say go for it.

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