From concept at Think 2018 to rollout at Think 2019

There is a grand symmetry associated with the IBM Think conference for Gordon Flesch Company this year. And it’s an experience other IBM Business Partners and IBM clients can share—determining an opportunity at one Think conference and bringing it to fruition at the next.

Last March, we gathered our ideas and a pilot demo of a Watson application we were contemplating. We were an experienced IBM ISV Business Partner, but we had never sold IBM hardware nor software directly. This would be our first application built for public release, so we expected IBM’s limited time and attention would probably be directed to larger partners and opportunities.

Despite our reservations, one of our IBM contacts took a personal interest in our application idea and encouraged us to attend Think 2018. She pushed us to take full advantage of the opportunities for networking and meeting IBM technical and management personnel.

We entered Think 2018 with virtually no understanding of the resources, support, guidance and enthusiasm that would be available to us. But over a three-day period, we were able to meet and collaborate with IBM executives and staff on the full range of topics required to bring our application from conception to reality—concluding ESA agreements, getting technical development advice and meeting a number of program and application managers that helped reshape our approach to market development and channels.

One sales executive set aside time in his busy schedule to expand our horizons and expectations. He pointed out (quite surprisingly to us) that our application might find an audience in some IBM enterprise customers, not just the commercial clients we anticipated. Absent meeting at Think, we would not have identified this opportunity.

Both of these IBMers continue to work with us to assure our mutual success. And since Think 2018, we have had the active participation of over 100 IBM executives and staff to help us on our way.

We are delighted to now return their faith. At Think 2019, our AskGordy application, a Watson front-end solution for document and content management systems, will be rolled out and featured both in a session and in the exhibit hall.

So, to those IBM Business Partners and clients who ask about the value of Think and the opportunities for networking, support and success, we say that we are delighted to be on our way to Think again.

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Mike Adams
Development Manager
Gordon Flesch Company