Forging a better future, forging stronger partnerships

By | 2 minute read | March 11, 2020

We just wrapped up another fantastic year for the IBM Ecosystem. And not only in terms of results, which were great, but also in how we are moving into the future.

In 2019, the conversations I enjoyed with Business Partners across Europe centered on the concept of next generation partnerships in business and the fundamental transformation our ecosystem is undergoing in order to capitalize on a couple of key realities:

  • That cloud and cognitive solutions are now fully enterprise-ready
  • That the barriers to entry in the IT solutions market have all-but disappeared

The new normal

The days of monolithic enterprises serviced only by major suppliers are vanishing into the past. Today’s business landscape is as much owned by companies like IBM as it is owned by two bright entrepreneurs operating out of a coffee shop. And businesses that are able to imagine the possibilities available from combining all these business models are the ones that are standing apart from their peers.

It is very refreshing to see how traditional partners are adopting new business models in new solution areas, as much as new companies adopt IBM emerging technologies. In the first group, companies like TIMETOACT Group continue to transform, fully embracing our recently launched IBM® Cloud Pak™ offerings and putting this new technology at the core of its strategy. And in the second group, companies like Farmer Connect use IBM Blockchain capabilities to enable consumers to see their coffee’s journey and to support the respective farmer communities.

And as I look back at 2019, I am proud to say that our IBM team and ever-expanding ecosystem of partners of all kinds are embracing the next generation and making it the new normal. Last year was a record year for our ecosystem business in Europe, financially and in terms of the scope and scale of value we were able to offer with our partners.

Innovation comes from innovators

Take the winner of the 2019 Watson Build Challenge. Compta Emerging Business developed a solution that used IBM Watson® AI in order to help predict the spread of wildfires. The team made headlines around the world with its life-saving technology.

As the world’s attention was directed towards issues of climate change and sustainability, the British Antarctic Survey vessel, RMS David Attenborough uses technology from IBM partners like Predatar to transform how scientists can study our oceans

IBM Business Partners are also reshaping entire industries.

Partners like IT Smart Systems and knowis AG are helping financial services providers to open up the banking industry while at the same time encouraging the rigorous levels of security and compliance. Elsewhere, Business Partners including Blueprint Genetics,  Meridian IT and the members of the IBM UKI Watson Guild are helping people live longer, safer and happier lives.

There isn’t a single aspect of modern life that IBM and our Business Partners are not helping to improve. 

Put simply, IBM and our Partner Ecosystem are building tomorrow, together.