Ecosystem Transformation Series Part III: The SaaS mini-revolution has begun

By | 2 minute read | June 27, 2019

“Are you from IBM? This is deceivingly easy.” I admit, that comment made me chuckle, but it also made me proud. I was proud because I realized we had delivered the solution our partners were asking for. IBM has been working to transform the Business Partner experience and reselling SaaS is part of it.  The goal is to make is easy for partners to build a profitable recurring revenue stream business reselling IBM hosted SaaS. But we didn’t just want to improve it. We wanted to shake it up, flip the process on its head and revolutionize it. Today, our partners say our mini-revolution is working.

Arrow Electronics joined our SaaS mini-revolution and leaders are raving about some of the latest tools. PartnerSuccess360 (PS360) is an IBM smart application that can help Xaas sellers see what their clients need, close renewals, and identify expansion and extension opportunities. Lisa Rose is the North America Annuity Channel Manager for Arrow Electronics. Rose says, “PS360 is the most intuitive and easy to use tool IBM has released to date for both distributors as well as partners.”  Rose added that Arrow found great value in seeing clients’ data usage, which allows their partners to have meaningful conversations while addressing specific under-utilization or overage situations. PS360 also keeps business moving. “The ability to filter on upcoming renewals ensures our partners have the information needed to engage with their clients and close on-time contract extensions,” Rose explained.

PS360 is only one piece of the SaaS mini revolution at IBM. Here are the other ways we are transforming your SaaS journey.

  • SaaS Incentives: Clear line of sight to incentive eligibility at time of quote. Know how much you will make over the life of a subscription.
  • Deal Registration: Get incentive protection on initial subscriptions and contract extensions when you register SaaS deals in MySA and become the IBM Business Partner of Record for SaaS.
  • Gaia: IBM’s modern strategic solution for fast and efficient XaaS quoting and ordering (Salesforce + Apptus) — Get a quote with discounted pricing on over 94 offerings in less than three minutes.

We are enabling our partners with easy-to-use tools to earn money reselling SaaS. So far this year, 800 Business Partners have already registered more than 3,500 opportunities for 4,500+ offerings.  In addition, many of these partners have earned the SaaS Deal Registration incentive without submitting an opportunity because they are the BP of record for SaaS.

Don’t be the one left out. Join the revolution today, and be sure to use one of the share links at the bottom to make sure your fellow partners don’t miss out either.

Harriet-Marcia Shakir

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