Ecosystem Transformation Part VII: The Evolution of Delivery

By | 2 minute read | September 10, 2019

It’s the end of the month and direct deposit does not yet exist. You must go to the appropriate person appointed at your workplace to get your “check” or even in some cases wait a few days to get your check in the mail. The best part is yet to come. You must physically go to your local bank, be sure to be there before 5PM as the bank doesn’t stay open late, and cash the check. Don’t forget, you must determine how much cash you need as well as how much you need to simply deposit in the bank…. because there are no ATMs yet. Fast forward to today … you automatically set up direct deposit with your bank, you have Apple pay on your phone, your bills are set up online to auto-pay, you don’t even remember the time of ATMs and you haven’t physically been inside a bank in years (if you’re a millennial, probably not ever). Banking is reinvented and the customer experience has drastically changed incorporating not only internet-based apps but also the convenience of mobile devices.

Digital transformation and disruption are about removing inefficiencies from the value chain and truly improving the client and Ecosystem experience.

Digital transformation is not limited shopping online for clothes and furniture, picking a date from online dating services, transferring money or streaming your favorite binge worthy show. Digital marketplaces enable our clients and partners to discover, sell, provision and manage IBM digital offerings via application programming interfaces (API). Digital marketplaces also provide a single interface to allow easy adoption, value, bundling and provisioning of multi-vendor offerings. As part of our transformation we are accelerating our digital marketplace initiative.

This evolution of modern and efficient delivery is one of two of our “Next Gen” strategies, designed to increase your reach, allow to add value throughout the value chain, and provide access to new customers and partners. It will also increase IBM’s reach to customers we currently underserve through digital delivery to address customer expectations and user experience.

We have launched a recruitment campaign for Business Partners who would like to become an IBM Cloud Marketplace Reseller. Register now for the upcoming webinar.

It’s important to recognize that we are experiencing a generational global transformation that is touching every aspect of our world, our lives and our businesses. We see it in the evolution of a horse and buggy taking weeks to deliver a package, to unmanned drones dropping off a package you ordered two hours ago on your mobile device.

As the way we deliver content to the ecosystem advances your role as a Business Partner may change as well. One of your most critical roles however remains keeping the lines of communication open. As John Teltsch wrote in the beginning of this transformation series, we value your feedback. What you’ve shared with us so far, is the driving force behind these transformational changes enhancing the Business Partner experience and relationship. We look forward to watching both evolve and bloom as does the IBM Partner ecosystem.

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