Driving innovation with IBM Power Systems

By | 2 minute read | September 30, 2020

We are living in a time of rapid disruption.

In today’s world of AI, it’s not enough to keep pace with the ebbs and flows of ever-changing technology. It’s quintessential to surf over it. Or you get swept away.

As an IBM Business Partner, you needn’t worry about that—we are focused on helping you help your clients to advance their digital journeys by transforming their businesses through our products and platforms. For example, consider IBM Power Systems, where IBM has facilitated an open, scalable infrastructure that can quickly process massive amounts of data in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Take a moment to hear from several of our Business Partners as they discuss the advantages and opportunities that they’ve realized from IBM Power Systems:

Similarly, IBM Business Partner Bulutistan’s customers are very satisfied with the performance, uptime, scalability and security of the IBM Power Systems. Per Begim Basligil, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at the company, “Bulutistan has to deliver a more superior uptime than its competitors, and that is why Bulutistan will continue to rely its cloud services on IBM Power Systems.”

Hakan Yildiz, Assistant General Manager of IBM Business Partner ComPro Information Technologies Inc., says “With IBM Power Systems, ComPro can offer a robust, stable, secure and high-performance platform to their customers’ classic and modern critical workloads.

In addition, the Red Hat OpenShift platform, supported IBM Power Systems, has helped ComPro modernize its customers’ architectures. ComPro has taken advantage of our high-performance platforms for AI, deep learning, image processing and high-performance computing applications.

Lightwell Co.
Yutaka Yoshikawa, President of IBM Business Partner Lightwell Co.,Ltd ., shares how his business is strengthening its solutions and helping customers to digitally transform with IBM Power Systems. IBM Power Systems is helping to provide Lightwell’s clients with an open and stable foundation for a smoother digital transformation.

Mark III Systems
In the same vein, Stan Wysocki, President of IBM Business Partner Mark III Systems, Inc., has publicly shared IBM’s role in helping Mark III with their go-to-market strategy in a virtual space.

IBM Power Systems is helping enable Mark III’s customers to innovate at a faster pace with existing talent. In his words, “Our goal is to make innovation-as-a-service a common topic and that doesn’t happen without the Red Hat platforms and their integration into IBM Power Systems”.

Tech Mahindra
Tech Mahindra Limited, shares a vibrant 360-degree relationship with IBM. IBM’s partnership with Tech Mahindra has scaled significant heights in recent times, coupled with their expertise to deliver joint value to the customers.

Or as Mahadev Subramaniam, Vice President of Global Alliances & Partnerships at Tech Mahindra explains it, “IBM Power Systems offers highly secure, enterprise cloud-ready servers with built-in PowerVM virtualization. Along with IBM Cloud Paks, it offers increased flexibility to set up complex hybrid cloud environments.”

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