Don’t wait to capitalize on IBM PartnerSuccess360

By | 1 minute read | January 14, 2019

“I only wish I had it sooner” is what I tell others when asked about IBM’s PartnerSuccess360 application, often referred to as PS360. This new application allows me to have more timely, meaningful conversations with my customers.

It is critical for me to know when a subscription ends or renews. Before PS360, I did not have quick access to this data so it would take days to gather the necessary information I needed. Now it takes minutes.

Not only does the application create “action lists” identifying subscriptions that may provide expansion and cross-sell opportunities, it also provides advanced notice for contract renewals and terminations to help me predict and influence future revenue.

PS360 helps drive adopt, expand and renew phases because I can quickly view usage data for select offerings and determine if a customer is getting value from their software. I am also able to easily walk a customer through their subscriptions, usage and contract details.

The application is easy to use and adapt, allowing me to get the information I need when I need it. Having this level of detail is extremely valuable. I only wish I had it sooner.

Learn more about PartnerSuccess360 and start using it today.

Jannessa Neher
IBM Software Business Development Specialist at CDW-G

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