Don’t just talk about the future of cloud — Get ready for it

By | 2 minute read | February 13, 2020

Cloud adoption is continuing to transform business and accelerate digital innovation for enterprise customers. And we find that organizations focused on this trend are modernizing traditional software to help improve operational efficiency, integrate clouds from multiple vendors and build a more unified cloud strategy.

Control the cloud
To help address the transformation needs of these enterprises, IBM offers IBM Cloud Paks, enterprise-grade container software that is designed to offer a faster, more reliable way to build, move and manage on the cloud.  

These offerings harness the combined power of container technology and IBM enterprise expertise to help organizations solve their most pressing challenges. The IBM Cloud Paks are:

  • Ready to run anywherethey are designed to operate on-premises, on public clouds or in an integrated system
  • Open and secured: they have up-to-date software to provide full-stack support, from hardware to applications
  • Consumable: they are pre-integrated to deliver use cases such as application modernization and process automation, while letting companies only pay the cost of what they use

We’re proud of what this technology can accomplish, but it isn’t the only piece necessary for digital innovation. In fact, you – our partners – are a dominant theme in these conversations. And you’re an important piece to our success.

More than technology

Our clients expect us to bring them technology that is supported by an active ecosystem. They don’t want an isolated solution that only resolves today’s challenges. They want a solution that drives new opportunities for growth and innovation.

As part of the Partner Ecosystem, you can help our clients accelerate their cloud journeys with the right solutions, the right skill sets and the right platforms to drive innovation.  Further, by identifying joint opportunities and amplifying IBM Cloud Paks with your add-on offerings, you are able to help expand coverage and work with customers who have specific technology or standards to consider.

And your role in these solutions will only grow as our client discussions shift toward IoT and edge.  We believe edge computing, combined with the rise of 5G, will create tremendous opportunities for new products, platforms and experiences in every industry. Edge brings computation and data storage closer to where data is created by people, places and things. This proximity facilitates faster insights and actions, reductions in data exposure and  the maintenance of  continuous operations. The convergence of 5G, edge computing and AI will likely spark a level of innovation that hasn’t been seen before. Together we can unlock new potential and deliver entirely new solutions for our clients.

Keep talking

As we look to the future, we are hoping that you will work with us to foster stronger Business Partner relationships and invent new models to find additional opportunities and promote client satisfaction. And alongside these efforts, we’ve put together a number of assets to help us build stronger bonds of cooperation. 

We hope you’ll take a look at a few essentials:

And if you’re attending one of the IBM Cloud Fast Start events, stop by our showcase booth sponsored by Intel. We’d love to discuss with you how we can grow and thrive together. Or check out our FastStart 2020 Sales and Technical sessions.