Don’t build the future alone. Let us help.

Bacon and eggs. Holmes and Watson. Lennon and McCartney. Batman and Robin.

Stream the latest British baking show, explore a “whodunit” murder mystery, or devour popcorn at the latest super-hero blockbuster and a common theme will begin to emerge – cooperation leads the way to greatness.

We live in a world where the next technical revolution or industry death is just around the corner. Finding the right Partner no longer means producing widgets marginally faster than the competition but determines who will change the game. Who will define the rules for the next market. Who will build the future.

IBM Co-Marketing Program

That’s why IBM is committed to our Partners. We not only want them to succeed. We need them to.

Teamwork makes the dream work

To help them succeed, we offer a suite of Co-Marketing initiatives – funding for key marketing programs – targeted at empowering Partners to thrive in critical growth areas. These programs serve as a benefit that we award to Partners that demonstrate consistent competence with our solutions, products and services.

And according to our Partners, Co-Marketing works. In 2018, we had more than 2,000 individual Partners participate in various Co-marketing efforts, a six percent increase over the previous year.

Success Stories

Consider our Partner, TheBplan AS, for example. “We’re not a big company,” explains Trond Lunde, the organization’s founder. “So these Co-Marketing funds are very valuable in allowing us to focus on lead generation.” In fact, TheBplan used IBM support to fund a cold calling campaign that spanned several months, generating 25 new leads and helping to draw in an estimated USD 400,000 in sales.

Similarly, IBM Business Partner Orb Data Ltd. took advantage of funds we made available as well as attended a number of workshops that we host for Partners focused on promoting more effective marketing strategies. The business launched a multi-channel campaign that spread across its corporate website, social media profiles, blogs and newsletters. At the same time, the firm increased the frequency of its targeted marketing events to once a quarter.

As a result, Orb Data tripled its leads pipeline, reflecting over USD 2 million in potential qualified leads – USD 500,000 of which the business closed within 12 months.

Co-Marketing Guide

Even better, by leveraging its Co-Marketing support to craft and communicate a number of thought leadership pieces across multiple channels, Orb Data changed the tone of conversations it was having with potential customers. Or as Anthony Nartey, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at the firm, explains it: “Co-Marketing has helped us to be more relevant to our customers and hold more in-depth discussions around the big topics – the subjects they actually care about.”

Keep it simple

To continue the success that our Co-Marketing efforts have had, we are constantly working to improve the process. We routinely conduct surveys to identify bottlenecks or problem areas, and based on this feedback, we’ve taken measures recently to simplify our process because we want our Partners to take advantage of these initiatives. We want our Partners to thrive.

Over the course of 2018, we streamlined our terms and conditions to make it easier to understand how funds could and could not be used. Similarly, we developed a Co-Marketing Guide that offers clear direction throughout the process and can help readers craft an effective marketing program that takes full advantage of available resources.

And since we realize that English isn’t the primary language of many of our Partners, we’ve made these materials available in 14 different translations.

We’ve also deployed a self-serve dashboard that our Partners can use to track their Co-Marketing journey, giving clear insight into their status and where they stand in the application and approval process.

Build with us

Cooperation is the key to building a better future, and we welcome you to work with us in changing the world.

We believe in our Partners. Every day they are developing innovations, streamlining processes and doing the work that makes business happen, life more convenient and governments work. And we believe that Co-Marketing is one of the key demand generation initiatives that we can use to help Partners grow.


Donna Schlitt

Program Director, Co-Marketing WW Partner Ecosystem

To find out more about Co-Marketing, how to participate and locate potential tools and guides to help you through your journey, please visit our Co-Marketing page.

And to explore some of the advantages that Partners have experienced with Co-Marketing (or with IBM in general), check out our success stories page.