IBM Systems: enhance your clients’ digital transformation with added privacy and security

By and Eric Herzog | 4 minute read | April 14, 2020

Every day, clients of all sizes are examining their hybrid cloud environments, looking for flexibility, responsiveness and ways to cut costs to fuel their digital transformation. But at the same time outside pressures often frustrate and slow these goals.

According to the Ponemon Institute’s 2020 Cost of Insider Threats: Global Report, insider threats are steadily increasing. And since 2016, the average number of incidents involving negligence, whether by an employee or contractor, has increased from 10.5 to 14.5 in 2019.

At the same time, businesses are also facing the proliferation of compliance regulations, like GDPR in Europe and the California Consumer Privacy Act, that demand stronger workload isolation and the separation of control.

To actively support our mutual clients in their digital transformation, you are forced to spend time and resources creating solutions and offerings that balance these demands for flexibility, responsiveness and lowered costs against cloud security risks and complex migration challenges.

How we can help

Today, we are building upon IBM Systems capabilities by announcing updates to IBM z15, IBM LinuxONE III and IBM Storage. This enhanced portfolio is designed to empower you to deliver the cloud your clients want with the security and resiliency they need, all in a smaller footprint to extend your reach to new businesses of any size.

Or as Abrie Peens, Business Unit Manager at IBM Business Partner BCX, explains it, “IBM Z offers BCX clients the highest levels of end to end security, best performance in the commercial market, unrivalled scalability and a dynamic platform to build a flexible hybrid cloud environment encompassing open and legacy applications at the lowest TCO.”

And not wanting to overlook the many advantages offered by IBM Storage in its mission-critical environments, Russell Schneider, Storage Director of IBM Business Partner Jeskell Systems, adds: “Installations are easier. Performance and functionality are simply better. Innovation in integrating IBM mainframes with IBM storage in hybrid multi-cloud environments offers our large data center users the flexibility, cost, security and scalability they want.”

To help deliver on client expectations while addressing these security and migration challenges, the enhancements offered in these updates target four key initiatives:

Cloud native

With containers and Kubernetes on the platform, developers of IBM z15 and LinuxONE III have the freedom to build and modernize new digital and AI cloud services. Coupled with Red Hat OpenShift you can now build once and deploy across a flexible compute environment with consistent management and orchestration. And according to an IBM co-sponsored IDC study, with IBM Z you can cut your time to market by up to 52 percent and scale for growth on a single system.

At the same time, IBM DS8900F and TS7700 support these hybrid multicloud environments by leveraging Transparent Cloud Tiering (TCT), IBM Cloud Paks and the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform — all while driving cost savings in IBM Z CPU utilization.

Encryption everywhere

IBM Data Privacy Passports on IBM z15 lets you control access and revocation to eligible off-platform data across your enterprise. You can extend data protection and privacy for eligible data from your IBM z15 environment to your enterprise with the capability’s appropriate policy controls.1 

Cyber resilience

Designed to deliver up to seven nines of availability, IBM z15 and LinuxONE solutions help reduce the impact of failure in your private cloud. IBM Z Instant Recovery mitigates the impact of planned and unplanned downtime, enabling you to be back up and running in half the time compared to z14 and without additional software costs. And the new IBM Secure Execution is a scalable solution designed to allow you to isolate workloads at granularity and scale, offering further protection from internal and external threats.

The IBM DS8900F, which also features up to seven nines of availability, is the perfect companion to IBM Z, providing multiple data replication, modern data protection and cyber resiliency capabilities such as IBM HyperSwap and Safeguarded Copy technologies.

Flexible compute

IBM Z and LinuxONE provide a flexible approach to deploying compute resources on demand, letting you adjust to meet specific requirements for defined workloads such as cryptography, and now, compression and complex sort. We also offer flexible consumption models for public, private and hybrid cloud instances as well as new, scaled-down packages for lower entry points.

In sync with IBM Z and LinuxONE, the IBM DS8900F and TS7700 families offer smaller, low-cost options. And today, we are announcing flexible deployments of TS7700 Virtual Tape across client-based racks. To learn more, listen to Eric Herzog address how these solutions can drive value to your clients.

Moving forward, together

Thank you for driving continued client success in the transition to hybrid cloud. And thank you for incorporating IBM Z, LinuxONE and IBM Storage as part of that success. As we progress into 2020 with these updated offerings, we believe that you’ll be better equipped to deliver to your clients cloud without compromise.

We have pulled together a collection of key assets and deliverables for you to present this story to clients. Check out our customer launch blog. And take a moment to explore PartnerWorld to find out more about IBM z15, IBM LinuxONE and IBM Storage. You can also find additional information in our seller kits for z15, LinuxONE III and Storage for Z.

Please embrace the IBM team as you extend your sights to new clients.  And we look forward to setting new records together in 2020.

1. Data Privacy Passports supports data sources that can be accessed through a JDBC connection.