Digital solidarity: Facing the COVID-19 challenge with next generation communications

By | 3 minute read | October 20, 2020

The importance of communication has never been so clear as it is today. In 2020, COVID-19 has reshaped every aspect of our lives, forcing us to physically distance ourselves from one another and turn to digital technology to connect us with the things that matter most. The way we live, and work has undergone a fundamental shift.

For network providers, the importance of maintaining a robust, secure network is paramount. As the demand for bandwidth grows at an unprecedented rate, making sure customers and systems can connect reliably has become an even greater challenge.

IBIS Instruments is a Serbia-based specialist in systems integration and software development and an IBM Platinum Business Partner, with operations across six countries Southeast Europe. Founded in 1996, our focus is primarily in the telco space. IBIS works with some of the biggest providers in the region, rapidly expanding operations into other sectors, which include financial services and public sector, and working to expand our business with an eye on the rest of Europe and beyond.

IBIS works with a number of technology providers including IBM, with over half of our customers relying on IBM technology. With over 40 dedicated IBM specialists, we have helped some of the largest telcos in our region embrace digital transformation to position them for success in the hybrid multicloud era.

The culmination of that experience is the Operation and Service Insight (OSI) solution—a uniquely comprehensive offering, which helps enable clients to manage increasingly complex IT and network infrastructures end to end in real time, enabling them to deliver the highest levels of customer service. OSI helps maintain service quality while at the same time, reducing the complexity of keeping business critical systems up and running.

One of our clients, a major European telco, has over 1 million daily events in production. By implementing OSI, they gained both end-to-end visibility and advanced analytics for predictive maintenance. The result: 30% cost savings, 30% reduction in maintenance times and 99% reduction in critical situations.

Arrival of 5G

But that’s just the start. The advent of 5G represents a new era in communications technology and IBIS and our clients, working with IBM technology, are ready to unlock its revolutionary potential.

We are already seeing exponential growth in the volume and variety of network data as the number of IoT devices explodes. The ability to process and analyze data closer to its point of creation means reduced latency within the network while at the same time, the ability to drive insights and deliver faster response times and improved customer experience. And the key to doing all of that is Edge computing.

When building solutions to address this new era of advanced networking, IBM is the only viable option. The combination of IBM’s Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management, IBM Edge Computing with Watson AIOps and Red Hat OpenShift are the cornerstones of a new generation of IBIS solutions. With IBM, we are able to offer highly sophisticated automation across every kind of network topology with real time dynamics, enabling clients to meet the most sophisticated challenges in terms of load and traffic management.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of robust and secure network capabilities at a time when those capabilities have never been more in demand. That it has also happened at a time when advanced networking is on the verge of a new era means that demand for 5G, which was already high, is growing beyond expectations. IBIS, in partnership with IBM is ready to help clients meet that demand.

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