Digital alchemy – Turning data into gold

By | 2 minute read | November 25, 2019

Data is the means by which enterprises can truly understand their customers – their needs, behaviors and buying patterns. And within an enterprise’s data lies the potential for greater revenue, increased efficiencies, reduced costs.

This race to unlock that potential is the most significant play in business today.

As technology continues to evolve – and data moves to the cloud via the ever-expanding choice of operating systems, databases, platforms and computing models – the challenge of ensuring that this information is not only safe but useable presents a significant challenge. At the same time, the volume of data is growing exponentially. Governance and sovereignty issues weigh heavily. And IT budgets are either flat or declining.

At Predatar (formerly Silverstring), our primary goal is to protect data. But we believe customers need more than simple insurance against loss. Refining managed data into a reusable asset represents the next great business opportunity, and our aim is to ensure our customers’ data defense is robust and ready for them to turn it into data offense, via a unique combination of automation and smart people with the right skills and capabilities.

Data has been called the “new oil,” but we believe that by refining and repurposing it, data has the potential to be even more valuable.

The true value of data

To help create this “digital gold,” we developed our Alchemis Protect solution, which delivers to our customers the confidence of knowing their data is more secure and available, no matter where it resides. Based on IBM® Cloud™ and utilizing IBM Spectrum® Protect, our as-a-service offering gives customers the opportunity to transform their backup data into a useable business asset.

Our solution is rooted in IBM technology for a simple reason – with IBM, partners like Predatar gain access to a rich and varied portfolio from which we can pick and choose the offerings that form the foundation of our solution. The cross-fertilization of technology and expertise that IBM brings, gives us the confidence that every element will play together effectively.

But the technology is just the beginning. Alchemis Protect combines security intelligence with machine learning and the expertise of our team of skilled data specialists. Together, we are able to analyze historical data trends in data integrity to identify potential trouble areas where customers may experience incidents of non-recovery. Then, we help them to plug those weaknesses. We call it intelligent recovery.

With data being the key to an enterprise’s fortune, you cannot afford to let a single bit slip through your fingers.

Editor’s Note: This blog was updated on 01/29/2020 to recognize the Business Partner’s name change from Silverstring to Predatar.

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